Monday, October 18, 2010

0 Wildildlife Preview "Get In To Live" at Comet Tavern, October 7th, 2010 (Video)

Wildildlife (pronounced "Wildlife") is a psych rock trio that formed in Boston, moved to San Fran and more recently transplanted to Seattle. As of right now they have one full length record and a couple EPs available through Crucial Blast Records, and they will be releasing another full length titled “Give In To Live” through Volcom Records on October 26th.

I caught wind of this extraordinary act via the Crybaby Studios Compilation that was released earlier in the year. Upon first perusal of the comp, one blistering track in particular by a previously unknown band immediately perked both of my ears due to its delightfully psychedelic overtones mashed with face frying metal-esque riffage-- a dissonant clamoring mind fuck that has been ringing in my ears since first listen.

Exploring more of their material including the title track from their new record-- which is available for FREE download here-- it seems Wildildlife also does ultra-spacy, sometimes poppy psych rock just as well as they do the upending discordant chaos-- both styles I thoroughly enjoy.

SRG contributor Palmer Sather was sent on assignment to grab a couple videos from their most recent show at the Comet Tavern opening for another boss psych rock act, Radio Moscow. All in all from the recorded bits and pieces it sounds like it was a killer performance that saw Wildildlife playing material from their soon to be released second full length record "Get In To Live" at extreme volumes-- a show that would not have been missed by yours truly if NoMeansNo hadn’t been playing across the street.

Check out these videos from SRG’s resident videophyte and keep an eye out for Wildildlife, who just so happen to play again this Friday October 22nd at the Black Lodge.

Words by Nik Christofferson
Videos by Palmer Sather


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