Tuesday, November 23, 2010

1 SRG Presents: Smooth Sailing, Sandrider, Dog Shredder, Grenades

Things have been a bit quiet here on the site for the last few weeks. Life has stepped in and said “take a fucking vacation before you keel over asshole.” So instead of spending hours writing and staying out late, I’ve instead pieced together the perfect Christmas present for all our SRG friends.

A bill featuring 4 local powerhouses in the most intimate of settings, a show that could easily go down as one of the best of the year not to mention having the very real potential of becoming one of those you tell your kids about.

Headlining is a band that has been electrifying local metal heads for over a year, Smooth Sailing. You’ve read about them many times here on SRG and they are currently readying their first full length record. Sandrider features Nat and Jon of Akimbo and Jesse of The Ruby Doe. These guys get together to blow minds infrequently, making this opportunity very rare. Bellingham’s Dog Shredder is another gifted trio who has been making waves locally for a little over a year. The Shredder plays a note-for-note cover of Yes’ “Heart of the Sunrise” that will melt your damn face. Last but not least Grenades, these ex-members of Kane Hodder have just added a new drummer and are primed and ready to make Seattle their bitch in 2011.

If just saying Smooth Sailing, Sandrider, Dog Shredder and Grenades in the same sentence is enough to get you super jacked and punch out Grandma at Thanksgiving dinner, what mayhem will ensue come December 4th?

Please join the SRG crew in closing out 2010 with a fucking bang, and witness 4 of not only our favorite local bands but honestly 4 of the area’s finest blow the fucking roof off the Rendezvous.

Happy Holidays!!

Seattle Rock Guy Presents:
Smooth Sailing
Dog Shredder
December 4th, 2010
Rendezvous/Jewelbox Theater
10pm - $7 – 21+
Words by Nik Christofferson
Poster by Nat Damm
h/t Carly at Starbird Booking


  1. Grenades is killer! Make sure to come early enough to check them out.




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