Wednesday, December 1, 2010

0 TICKET GIVEAWAY: Kylesa, Lesbian and Book of Black Earth at the Funhouse

The end-of-year lists are starting to trickle onto the web and two records that certainly deserve “best of 2010” honors are Kylesa’s ‘Shadow Spiral’ and Lesbian’s ‘Stratospheria Cubensis’. It just so happens that both Kylesa and our beloved Lesbian are joining forces at the Funhouse this Friday along with Book of Black Earth for a notable metal showdown courtesy of Infinite Productions.

Kylesa have come roaring back in 2010 with ‘Spiral Shadow’, released back on October 26th through Candlelight Records. The record is excellent and I even find it more appealing than their so-called “breakthrough record” ‘Static Tensions’, which was high on my list in 2009. It is chalk full of their signature supersized chunky riffs and powerful percussion. Not to mention that unique and absorbing shout-sing vocal delivery that has defined Kylesa’s sound thus far. On ‘Spiral Shadow’, the true separation continues to be the bands further experimentation with the groovy nuances of psychedelic music, interjecting those tripped out 60’s kraut and psych influences into their already massive sludge sound with electrifying results. Standout tracks such as the prog-infused, “Cheating Synergy”, showcases not only satisfying psychedelic overtones but a band at the peak of their chops and song writing ability thus far. The record’s opening track “Tired Climb” is also a prime example of Kylesa’s further perfected psych sludge metal sound and actually parlays its driving wall-of-fuzz brilliance into almost the second coming of their most known jam, “Hollow Serverer” (or at least the next best thing). On “Spiral Shadow”, Kylesa continues to break down genre barriers and are doing it with such distinction that pegging them purely as an underling to that other Georgia metal heavyweight anymore is just foolish.

In direct support for the Savannah, Georgia quintet is Seattle’s own Lesbian. Who are not only a perfect complement to Kylesa’s crushing demeanor, but have also released one of the best metal records of 2010. Yes, it’s true metal rags such as Decibel Magazine failed to recognize the brilliance of Lesbian’s long-awaited sophomore effort “Stratospheria Cubenis” in there recently released and heavily discussed “Top 40 Records of 2010”, but when does Seattle get any credit for its contributions to metal (besides Botch) anyway? What they failed to recognize is Lesbian have crafted a seriously tripped out and mind warpingly eclectic record. With no songs shorter than 8 minutes it takes a patient listener to take the full twisted drug-hazed joyride contained on “Stratospheria” in one fellow swoop, but what holds one’s attention is the fact that it is a record as stylistically diverse and is it is brutal-- one minute it’s pure as fuck death metal, the next some timely hash high mellowness, segued into stoner rock personified, interrupted by seriously progged-out black metal mindfuckery -- not necessarily in that order. The truest compliment I can bestow “Stratospheria Cubenis”, is it not only holds my incredibly short attention span all the way through but has done so frequently since I drove my ass to Easy Street Records and bought the fucker proper on release day.

Opening the show is Seattle based death and roller’s Book of Black Earth who do not currently have a new record out, but will crush your face with plenty of newer as-yet-released material anyway.

All three of these bands on one bill this Friday and we have a pair of tickets to give away to one lucky winner. To enter, send us an email to with your full name. I will pick a winner and notify on Friday at noon.

Seattle, do not sleep on Kylesa, Lesbian and Book of Black Earth this Friday at the Funhouse.

That is all.

Words by Nik Christofferson


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