Friday, December 10, 2010

1 RECORD REVIEW: Vultures 2012 - "Bare Your Teeth"

Fittingly titled “Bare Your Teeth”, this snarling beast of a record by Seattle’s own Vultures 2012, sounds like the musical equivalent of a demolition derby-- an uninhibited and ferocious debut. Musically speaking, Vultures 2012 use many time honored metal styles to their advantage. Taking cues from the genre-defining Swedish juggernauts Entombed, the 7 tracks on “Bare Your Teeth” feature throaty death metal vocals and are heavy on a mid-tempo variation of that infamous “buzz saw” guitar sound. Also apparent are the bands classic metal influences, as Jeremy Lawless and Danny Even nimbly interject frequent NWOBHM-esque guitar fills between those savage riffs, a good example being the standout track “Everyone’s Your Stepping Stone”.

Just as notable is the talented rhythm section of Tony Rodriguez (drums) and Chico King (bass) whose King Kong-sized foundation sits front and center in the mix; really maximizing the records intensity. It’s a chest beater folks, through and through.

Bare Your Teeth” also doesn’t waste any time conveying its lyrical message of anger and displeasure with the world around us. On the surface is the internalized struggle of someone totally fed up with life’s never ending bullshit-- the feelings of a person on the brink of violently lashing out at society. Have you seen that flick “Falling Down”, where Michael Douglas flips the fuck out and takes “matters” into his own hands? You get the picture.

When all is said and done, Vultures 2012 have released a primal slab of brutal metal in “Bare Your Teeth”. It’s a record that should not only get your adrenaline pumping, raise the hair on the back of your neck, but also seriously be a call to arms for local metal fans first and foremost. It’s a record that has real crossover potential and could appeal to genre extremists, stringent metal connoisseurs, or even the mainstream, and it’s coming from right here in our own backyard.

A little over a month ago, ever so quietly, Vultures 2012 released “Bare Your Teeth” as a very limited physical release. The band has also conveniently placed their record for sale on two popular online digital music repositories. So right now, for the measly price of $6.93, you can own this local metal gem.

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Words by Nik Christofferson


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