Thursday, December 30, 2010

0 LIST MANIA: Best Concerts of 2010 by Princess Frontman Andrew Chapman

Andrew with The Keeper at Linda's Fest | Photo by Chase Meandenthal
1. Deftones at Key Arena

I knew this show was going to be special. Chris S., Brian G., my girlfriend Angela R. and myself, ventured out to the Key Arena to catch Mastodon, Deftones, and Alice In Chains. Mastodon was criminially under attended being that the fools at the Key Arena start the bands at the same time as the doors open. After Mastodon, Angela snuck us into the floor area for Deftones. She just walked right through and then we breezed by behind her. We had no idea what was instore for us. I looked nervously at all the wrist bands that we didn't have, but then we just melted in the churning crowd. Then our minds were blown. Deftones played with a vigor and immediacy that I never expected. It was an amazing set. They played every good song they had and nothing that sucked at all. Truly staggering. You could feel the show as much as you could hear it. Not only was this one of the best shows of the year, it was one of the best I have ever seen.

2. Rush at White River

My dear friend Kat (from The Roanoke- go there and spend your money,) bought us tickets to see Rush. I knew that they were good seats, I did not expect the incredible treatment we recieved. We could reach out and touch the band from our seats. In addition we got a private bar and a hot meal in the VIP area. Trust me folks- anytime you go to White River get VIP tickets. The experience is excellent. That aside, hanging out with Kat, who is also a maniac Rush fan like myself was incredible. If you have never seen Rush, fix that as soon as possible.

3. Melvins at The Croc

They played Sacrifice and Bacon Industry. NUFF SAID. Ang is now a fan, which rules too.

4. Red Fang at The Sunset

I showed up to the show in a suit and black cowboy boots. I ended the show on the side of the stage in my suit calling for an encore after screaming along with them to Prehistoric Dog. The night ended with a Seattle Rock Guy party at Nik and Tiffany's house. Then I went home in the morning, still in my suit and cowboy boots.

5. Smooth Sailing at The Sunset

Smooth Sailing is the best band in Seattle. This was my favorite set of theirs so far. Please see them.

6. Your Village Sucks Fest at Rendezvous

If you missed out, look back through this site and see the Dio Tribute. The look on Timmy from Smooth Sailing, his face will say it all. Watch for the next one soon.

7. REVERB in Ballard

This is the best music party of the year hands down. No lie. The bands at The 2-Bit slayed. Man. I wish I could resee that show. Check out the videos to see what you missed.


Bands That Ruled In 2010:

Smooth Sailing
Watch It Sparkle
Nazca Lines
He Whose Ox Is Gored
Throne Of Bone
Cold Cold Ground
Mico De Noche
Helms Alee
Sex With Strangers

Heartaches of 2010:

The Keeper
Mobile Slaughter Unit

Ones To Watch In 2011:

Nazca Lines
Princess (wink wink)
Smooth Sailing
Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth

Words by Andrew Chapman

Note from Editor:

Andrew is currently fronting a new heavy project with the ex-members of Mobile Slaughter Unit called Princess, who played their first show a couple weeks ago. He is most known as the charismatic frontman for The Keeper, who called it quits in 2010. Under the psydonym Suncrusher, Andrew is a prize winning remix artist and has remixed bands as wide ranging as The Austerity Program and Peter Gabriel. He is also the proprietor of Algerbay Records and the creator of Your Village Sucks Fest.

A sincere thanks again to Andrew for contributing to our end of the year coverage. Check out The Keeper's final release, a compilation of demos and live recordings entitled "We Had a Wonderful Time", available on Amazon. Princess plays January 29th at the Josephine.


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