Friday, December 31, 2010

0 LIST MANIA: SRG End of Year Coverage at a Glance

Hey Folks,

Here are links to all our end of year coverage, including lists by an amazing cast of local music folks including: Emily Pothast, Corey Brewer, Matt Koroulis, Roy Culver, Michael Freiburger, Adam Noble Bass, Luke Laplante, Benjamin Thomas-Kennedy, Andrew Chapman, Hannah Levin, Carly Henry, Chris Rasmussen, Natron Donnel, Shawn Kock, Aaron Krause, Eric Carnell, Bob Ham, and Mark Ostler.

We wish you a safe and happy new year and see you on the flip side with some last minute house cleaning, and my recommendations for "Bands to Watch in 2011".

Thanks for a great 1st complete year of SRG.


- Nik Christofferson (Founder of SRG)


The Crew:

Nik Christofferson

Favorite Records:
Favorite Shows:

Jerry Howard

Favorite Records:
Favorite Shows:

Matt Abramson:

Favorite Records (Part 1):
Favorite Records (Part 2):

Palmer Sather

Favorite Records:
Favorite Shows:

Guest Contributors:

Emily Pothast (Midday Veil):

Benjamin Thomas-Kennedy (Lesbian):

Andrew Chapman (Princess):

Brian Cook (Russian Circles, The Stranger):

Eric Carnell (Android Hero):

Bob Ham (Alt. Press, City Arts Magazine):

Mark Ostler (Warning:Danger!):

A bunch of lists (Part 1) with Corey Brewer (Cold Lake), Matt Koroulis (Rocktographer), Roy Culver (Infinite Productions), Michael Feiburger (Throne of Bone), Adam "Superfan" (Ladies Choice Presents), and Luke Laplante (SEAN):

A bunch of lists (Part 2) with Hannah Levin (KEXP), Carly Henry (Starbird Booking), Chris Rasmussen (Police Teeth), Natron Donnel (Brickbats), Shawn Kock (Absolute Monarchs), and Aaron Krause (High Class Wreckage):


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