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0 LIST MANIA: Top 10 Records of 2010 by Warning:Danger! Frontman Mark Ostler

My Top 10 Records of 2010

The following albums are my most favorite, most influential, most memorable albums of 2010. Lots of new discoveries, but some old favorites that played a significant part in my music listening life of 2010.

1. M.O.T.O. "2010 Japan Tour CD"

My most anticipated rock show of 2010 was the chance to see one of my punk rock heroes - M.O.T.O. or Masters Of The Obvious. In 2010, M.O.T.O. toured across the United States and Japan, and at a rare Seattle stop at The Funhouse, I scored a 200 press print run, 25 song greatest hits package. Its a tour specific release that chronicles the best M.O.T.O. songs of the past 25 years. The tracks are hand picked by Paul Caperino himself, the front man and founder of M.O.T.O. Its autographed, and you're jealous.

2. The Spits "Haunted Fang Castle" EP

Remember as a kid, those records that came with story books? All the action of GI Joe battling Cobra in a read along / vinyl combo? Well, in 2010, The Spits created just such a story book concept album called "Haunted Fang Castle". This 1000 pressed release comes with a 10 inch record and an accompanying full color book. The story follows a band of heroes on a mission to rescue a princess from Haunted Fang Castle. Between their misadventures with ogres, spiders, swamps and unicorns, are awesome garage rock songs. "When you here DING, turn the page."

3. Android Hero "Broken Hearted Songs for Sensative Tough Guys"

This Android Hero full length recording was released in 2009, but I literally scored it during the first week of January 2010, at a KEXP benefit at The Sunset. This album growls, smashes, destroys, and rocks heavy, heavy, heavy shit. Awesome!

4. Rat City Ruckus "Mustard Shot"

Another 2009 release that I scored in 2010. Punk rock party music played loud in a fire trap basement. No permits, byob, stand a mattress up against the door so the neighbor's "won't" hear the noise. Rules!! Rat City Ruckus's music makes we wanna throw beer at the band. Congrats on being voted King 5 TV's 19th best band in Washington, hahahahaha!

5. Consulate "Pointles Exercises in Futility"

An unmastered demo I got free when I purchased a band t-shirt comes in at the 5th slot. Still and incomplete record, but the preview rules. Its a CDR and its awesome! Technical, not mathy. Rockin, not sucky. Consulate are my top new local Seattle band to watch in 2011.

6. Neko Case "Furnace Room Lullaby"

In June 2010, I had some bad shit happen to me. I took comfort in Neko Case's soul searching, solace, solemn voice. "Want to get it all behind me... Want to close, up deep inside..." Its Neko Case's masterpeice, released ten years ago, but for its time withstanding healing power, "Furnace Room Lullaby" comes in at number 6. Who says these Seattle Rock Guy reviews don't have a sappy, sensitive side?

7. Jaguar Paw "All Wound Up"

Jaguar Paw is a rare band that perfects their live show, before releasing a recording. Winter 2010 marked the release of "All Wound Up" and its awesome!! 2 minute punk songs remaniscent of early Go-Go's material. Sassy and sexy vocal stylings from Heather Jane, over a well rehearsed band, help make this one rockin album.

8. Record Store scores!

At number 8, I just wanna brag about all the awesome music I scored at Record Stores this year. Record Stores are a vital arm of music, we gotta shop there, don't just buy your music on itunes. My bi-yearly pilgramage to Portland's Green Noise Records yielded an ultra rare The Silverkings 7 inch "King City", Triggers 7 inch "Gasoline", Beck's 3 song K Records release ($10 really?), and a CD/DVD of Gonerfest 2.

I love Easy Street Records here in Seattle, especially their 99 cent bin. This year, I scored cds from great bands like The Hunches, The Neins, A-Frames, Liz Phair, for guess what? 99 cents! I also nabbed a couple of funk classics- Casablanca Records Greatest Hits and the soundtrack to Car Wash... hey why not?

For less than the price of bus fare, you can take a chance on bands with cool cover art or names like "Department of Homeboy Security". I feel a little leary about revealing my secret music shopping spot, but please shop at Record Stores.

9. Blood on the Flat Track Soundtrack

After months of delay, the soundtrack to the Rat City Roller Girls documentary "Blood On The Flat Track" finally arrived. Great compilation of bands, featuring the likes of The Dirtbombs, Kent 3, and The Gits. Also a bunch of great songs from "lesser known" local Seattle bands like The Gloryholes, A-Frames, The Authorities, and Steel Tigers of Death. Great comp, makes you wanna roller skate real fast!!

10. Peelander Z "P-TV-Z"

In Japan, Peelander Z plays inside stadiums; in Seattle, they play at The Funhouse. Imagine the Power Rangers rocking out on stage while a paper mache squid and tiger fight in the audience, or human bowling balls gently crash into audience members. High energy, high voltage, highly recommended CD/DVD combo. CD contains party songs about Mad Tigers and even a M.O.T.O. cover. The DVD showcases their music videos and chronicles their first North American tour. Fun!


Worst of 2010

2010 also marked some sad music events in Seattle. Slats, the legendary Seattle music enigma, passed away, taking that flat brimmed hat with him. Some great bands broke up like The Keeper, My Bones and Organs, Hu Nab Ku, and Underdog Records closed its doors.

Most of all, some misguided idiots tried to steal the giant clown sign from above The Funhouse. The culprits climbed up on the roof, unratchetted the 200+ pound sign, and it fell to the ground. The fools drug it into the fastfood parking lot next door before abandoning it. This scheme caused irrepairable damage to the sign and an independant punk rock business must fork over unnecessary money to pay for their bumblings. Assholes.

Stuff to Watch in 2011

In 2011, keep an eye out for this stuff: KEG's Gong Show, the 2nd ever Belltown Block Party, HOZAC and Dirtnap record labels, and Seattle's own Bank Track Roller Derby League: Tilted Thunder. Although I hate to admit it, SCION Motors Audio/Visual project is releasing some pretty cool stuff too.

Here are some bands I'll have my eye on in 2011: TacocaT, Grenades, Princess, Hidden Number, Smooth Sailing, Pony Time, NightraiN, Consulate, Vultures 2012, and the recently reunited Ricketts! Some band called Warning: Danger! is also set to release their 2nd album in 2011, watch out!

Words by Mark Ostler

Note from Editor:

Mark fronts Seattle's own Warning:Danger!, the worlds only safety themed punk rock band. He is also a writer, stand-up comedian, and SRG contributor.

A sincere thanks to Mark for once again contributing to our end of year coverage. Warning:Danger! is featured as part of the MTV $5 Cover video series now available for viewing at Check them out under "Seattle Scene".


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