Friday, December 3, 2010

0 SHOW PREVIEW: Bob Mould at the Triple Door tonight!

To some of you younger folks, the name Bob Mould might not mean very much. But I guarantee you, if you’re interested in the music highlighted on this website, he’s influenced more than a few of the bands represented in your record collection.

In the 80s his band Husker Du, who were label mates with the likes of Black Flag and others, helped build the infrastructure that would become, for better or worse, American alt-rock and punk. In the 90s, just as many of the bands he’d made such an impression on were dominating national radio, Bob tried his hand at creating indie-pop with his band Sugar. Since then he’s been acting, producing music, writing (a memoir and scripts for World Championship Wrestling!) and performing at Blowoff, an electronic music event he created, hosts and has taken all over America.

In addition to all the above, Mould has released several solo records along the way. His most recent records, “District Line” & “Life and Times”, showcase some of his strongest work as both a musician and a lyricist. He’s grown into himself stylistically, blending the best aspects of his forays into electronic music with his strong guitar dominated technique.

There aren’t many artists celebrating their 50th birthday who have remained as prolific, relevant and talented as Bob Mould has.

On Friday night, Dec 3rd, Bob will be performing solo at the Triple Door. Show time is 8pm. Opening will be Seattle artist Telekinesis.

Words by Roy Culver


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