Monday, January 10, 2011

0 Last Saturday! My Goodness, Lozen, High Class Wreckage, Brickbats (Videos)

This last Saturday SRG and Algerbay played host to a packed Comet Tavern where My Goodness, Lozen, High Class Wreckage, and Brickbats all performed killer sets. It was a success on many levels but mostly I'm stoked so many people came out and got a taste of the wide variety of bands on the bill. It was certainly a mixed bag. My Goodness continued to impress live and Brickbats finally revealed their noisy onslaught to a wider audience, but the best part was the crowd's reaction to High Class Wreckage following their energetic set, not to mention how packed it was while the lovely ladies of Lozen absolutely blew minds. I think I can safely say there were quite a few opened minded individuals in the room on Saturday. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported local "rock" music and thanks to the bands for ruling as well.

Here are some videos courtesy of the crew:

My Goodness


High Class Wreckage


Words by Nik
Videos by Jerry and Palmer


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