Friday, January 7, 2011

0 SHOW PREVIEW: Caravels, Into the Storm, Solar Bear, Octaves, Nod Off at Josephine

Seattle, a riptide of radical touring bands is converging at the Josephine in Ballard on Saturday January 8th. Three different bands hailing from three corners of American soil.

Now, I know there is Owen Hart and the gang at Black Lodge as well as the juicy Algerbay / SRG mash up at Comet Tavern. However, if you find yourself enjoying the act of kicking over random rocks in the hope that beneath, a shiny bauble awaits your lusting eyes, then I suggest you come fork your hard earned cash over for these traveling sonic bandits.

First up, Caravels has been rocking steady from the deserts of Nevada for some time now and recently released an EP called “Floorboards”. This set of songs seem to mix all the gnarly brooding intensity of Funeral Diner/Envy with the groove and style of These Arms Are Snakes/Thrice. A flawlessly executed mix in my eyes, check out the video.

Next, Octaves comes to us from Maryland, the second time Seattle has had the pleasure in the past few months, if I am not mistaken. These boys are much more pissed off resulting in a mix of Gaza style hardcore and the jam outs of early mewithoutyou. Heavy, gnarly, ‘nuff said.

Lastly, Solar Bear(not to be confused with Solar Bears) hails from rocky terrain of Colorado and seem to be nailing down an angular infused post-hardcore sound. Solid shit, good stuff.

These boys remind stand as a reminder for all of those people inching along the freeway in their metal coffins that the human spirit is still alive. Supporting them is locals INTO THE STORM & NOD OFF(members of Mountainss). Music at 9PM.

For you feet draggers or busy cats, don’t worry your pretty face if you can’t make it to the Saturday show as the boys in Mercy Ties have hooked them up with a last minute show at the FBK house. Supporting them is Herocop. Prepare to have your weekend engulfed with sonic deliciousness.

Words by Bodhi Zephyr


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