Saturday, February 26, 2011

0 Preview 2 Tracks From Rad Touch's Debut "Creative Nonfiction" and See Them Live This Sunday

2/27 - SRG Presents: Brickbats, Rad Touch, Consulate, Black Science at Funhouse, $5

After several years of self confessed toil and procrastination, Seattle band Rad Touch have finally finished their first proper release titled “Creative Nonfiction”. Frontman Jeff Kirby describes the record as “a detailed yet obscure testament to the food service twenties, orchestrated in a series of tangentially related tantrum mantras” while adding the band “is real happy with how it turned out.” After procurring a pre-release of the finished product and having had a couple weeks to digest the 10 tracks that took the band 10 months to record and mix I too can say with certainty that ‘Creative Nonfiction’ is very good. An enthusiastic and forward thinking debut with blistering guitar work and angst ridden vocals, but for those who need some sort of baseline to describe where bands are coming from musically, Rad Touch mostly falls into that vast abyss of a genre known as post-punk.

While ‘Creative Nonfiction’ is an extremely turbulent affair and ultimately wins based on pure adrenaline with guitars both pummeling and swirling simultaneously, Rad Touch also turns the tables on occasion with a poppier approach to song writing. While I personally dig Rad Touch’s noisier, frenzied side over their pop-punk side, I think the record will appeal to fans of both styles which means ultimately a wider audience in general. Their are manic sonic explosions one moment and more straight forward rock moments the next -- both played at the same ear blistering levels. The result is a ripping debut from another great Seattle rock band.

I’ve said it before and will say it again 2011 = Return of the Rock.

Rad Touch joins Black Science, Consulate, and Brickbats tomorrow at the Funhouse for the 2nd killer SRG show in as many weeks. Don’t miss out on seeing a band that will be turning heads throughout the year, they even caught Stranger writer Kelly O’s attention. Read the blurb about Sunday’s show below as well as preview two killer tracks off the upcoming release. I know the show is on a Sunday night and all, but you realize Seattle doesn’t take nights off when it comes to live music right? Let's do this.

(Funhouse) "We break front teeth/And like us, they stay broke, too/Two spikes in the throat!/Two spikes in the throat!/And a finger pointed straight at you/I need a mustache/Like Burt Reynolds, damn it! Flame!/A symbol that I'm a man/Something classic I still can't obtain." If these lyrics from "Freddy Mercury Poisoning" off local post-hardcore wise guys Rad Touch's new album, Creative Nonfiction, resonate with any meaning for you—any meaning at all (flame!)—then go to this show and bang your fist. If not, you should prolly just go down to the Hard Rock Cafe, like you do every Sunday, to eat Hard Rock Nachos™, while pretending you still like rock 'n' roll. KELLY O

Words by Nik Christofferson


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