Wednesday, March 9, 2011

0 See Absolute Monarchs This Saturday at the Comet

Absolute Monarchs | Photo by Nik Christofferson

There isn't alot to say about Absolute Monarchs at this juncture that I haven't said already before. The foursome continue to impress in a live setting and even so much as won over a predominatly heavy music loving crowd at the recent "Seek and Destroy" show at the Sunset with Red Fang and a reunited Argonaut. Their sound is as angular as it is chaotic. There is an undeniable fire and intensity with this band, and it resonates everytime they take the stage. Joel, Mike, Miki, and Seattle's own Joe Strummer, Shawn Kock, are a special unit and this Saturday's pairing with Helms Alee is certainly a special event.

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