Friday, March 11, 2011

0 TONIGHT! Police Teeth, Grenades, Victory and Associates, Brickbats, Great Falls

If I were to desribe this 5 band bill in 3 words they would: BAD ASS SHOW.

I've mentioned Police Teeth, Victory and Associates already and Jerry did a great job on Grenades last week. The remaining pieces to this ear splintering puzzle are Brickbats and Great Falls.

Brickbats have played two SRG shows thus far. Their music is intentionally chaotic, abrasive, and certainly loud as fuck. Fronted by TRON, who wails incoherantly over distorted riffs and crushing rhythms, Brickbats have really honed their live set, and it's really too bad that they will be losing their guitar player in the very near future. I dig what they are doing, it's out there and unrelenting. Good news is Brickbats intend to stay together, though they have stated that they will be moving in a different musical direction as a trio -- that means this will be one of only a handful of opportunites left to see the band in its current state.

Great Falls features ex-members of Playing Enemy, Kiss It Goodbye, Undertow, Hemmingway, JESU, and more. Demian Johnston and Shane Mehling started the band as a duo, performing their massive brooding destruction music with the help of a drum machine. Last year they added ex-JESU drummer Phil Petrocelli to complete the trifecta, while also adding a significant amount of muscle to their already crushing sound. Great Falls will be heading to New York to record in August and I'm positive tonight will feature a bunch of new material. Get to the Black Lodge early, they play first.

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