Friday, March 4, 2011

1 WATCH OR DIE #15: Grenades: Live Session at Joonior Studios

Grenades / Mercy Ties 12" Split (Coming Soon) | Artwork by Aaron Edge

Sessions at Joonior Studios makes one feel like a fly on the wall. At any moment, one of the boys from Grenades might swat at me.


At times, it seems like the boys take a shot. While zoning out due to the intensity of "Handbook for the Recently Deceased," a guitar abruptly pops into frame nearly scaring the hell out of me.


Even though I sit comfortably in my chair in the safe (not always the case) confines of the Man Den, it feels like I could realistically spill my beer all over the electrical equipment. Will security escort me out or yell at me Rendezvous style?

Watching Grenades work their magic in the studio definitely hits the spot. Refreshingly, Grenades come off exactly the same way in the studio as they do live - tight as hell with a relentless onslaught of ferocious goodness.

Sessions at Joonior Studios consists of four ripping tunes: "Handbook for the Recently Deceased," "Astigmatism," "Chrononaut," and "Syria." "Handbook from the Recently Deceased" creates an atmosphere like you're right next to Jerome (guitar/vocalist) and Aaron (bass/vocalist) as they scream back and forth. Intense! All four songs deliver, but "Chrononaut" makes me want to embark on a booze fueled rampage. Seriously. The song would be a perfect soundtrack for me swinging from the rafters like a Ranier stinking monkey with a Red Fangover permagrin.


From a film making perspective, Sessions is straight forward, but the film maker, Chris Mathews Jr., adds a bit of love to each segment making it fun to watch. He captures the personality of the band with little tid bits of banter that prelude each video. This seems intentional because it encapsulates the personality of the band. Grenades always engage in humorous banter between songs adding a nice balance to their intense live show. I have been fortunate enough to film a few live Grenades shows and when revisiting the footage, one of the guys always cracks me up. Also, Mathews does a excellent job at ending the pieces smoothly. On "Handbook for the Recently Deceased," he intentionally loses focus causing a blur effect that adds a nice touch. The tailing off of audio into black on "Syria" and "Chrononaut" add a smooth polish to the ending. The sharp camera work comes off nicely within the close confines of Joonior Studios. Making shots interesting can be tricky, but Mathews manages nicely by keeping the camera moving and framing some engaging shots. This guy understands a little love on the vids goes a long way. Not to forget, the audio sounds fantastic!

Grenades are a band to look out for and it's interesting to watch the guys knee deep in the creative process and, most importantly, having fun. The videos capture their high energy and intensity, but Grenades need to be witnessed live. Fortunately for Seattle music lovers, the fellas play often and are a part of SRG's big Rabbits show coming up with VAZ and Princess at the Highline Bar on Saturday, March 26th.

Watch or die! The Grenades' videos rule, but their live show absolutely KICKS ASS!! Go see them and keep an eye out for their 12" split with Mercy Ties, out soon (SRG will keep you posted!).

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