Thursday, April 14, 2011

0 LISTEN NOW: Portland's Lord Dying

Portland is quickly becoming a mecca for excellent heavy music. Red Fang's much deserved success has certainly turned a spotlight on our sister cities heavy scene and it's really quite impressive once you dive in. There is a whole slew of stellar PDX acts that seem to have emerged and/or are finally getting some notice and the respect they deserve, and I'm sure I'm just scraping the surface. You have the beastly sludge metalists Salvador, and fucking Rabbits, who recently released their Relapse Records debut "Lower Forms" and slayed my mind at their SRG sponsored tour stop last month. Mongoloid Village just released their new record "Folly", Nether Regions just released their debut "Into the Breach" back in February, and Witch Mountain just celebrated the release of their first record in over 14 years, a truly badass doom metal opus called "South of Salem". Norska featuring YOB bassist Aaron Rieseberg released their 5 song self-titled EP and are playing both NW Floor shows. The much buzzed about following their SXSW appearance, Wizard Rifle, released their debut last month called "Speak Loud Say Nothing" and last but not least the newest and most promising group of shredders, Lord Dying, have a crushing 5 track "demo" out that sounds ready for the presses as is.

For months I've had to listen to the rants and raves from PDX friends about how badass Lord Dying are live. Red Fang drummer John Sherman, has taunted me repeatedly saying that Lord Dying are the best band I haven't seen yet. The peanut gallery is loud and clear, and their 5 track demo certainly gives every indication that they do indeed rule, and that the buzz is well deserved.

So without droning on, this Saturday at the 2 Bit Saloon Lord Dying makes their Seattle debut as part of the next SRG show. It's probably best that I just allow you to listen to the Lord Dying demo (streaming below) and hopefully you'll hear what a lot of people including myself are currently stoked about  and come out to the show. This Saturday a measily $5 gets you intimate and exclusive access to this new PDX metal behemoth, an opportunity not to be missed.

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