Thursday, April 21, 2011

2 LIVE REVIEW: Consulate / Brokaw / X's for I's (PDX) / Serial Hawk

I don't intend to write many more live show reviews on SRG. I'm bored with them and honestly they are pretty pointless. What makes more sense is to just spread the good word in a consise way, preferably with audio/visual aids as well. Who gives a rats asshole about the details of some past event, that unless you were in attendance probably means nothing. If you disagree let me know, please.

With that said last week I had the pleasure of attending a show that left me quite impressed and seriously enthused. The setting was the amazing Josephine (probably my favorite show spot) in Ballard and the bands: Consulate, Brokaw, Portland's X's for I's, and Serial Hawk.

I don't think the fellas in Consulate honestly realize how good they really are. I love this band. They are unique, and besides the lead track off their debut full length "Feeding the Ducks" they completely ignore typical rock arrangements, blending elements of mathy rock and prog. Guitarist Jake Weller keeps you guessing with sturdy riff after sturdy riff, while also a master of precise finger tapped melodies. The rhythm section of Tim Strovas on drums and James Gardner on bass are an impressive duo. Both are highly technical players, and barely bat an eye while effortlessly laying Consulate's think and complicated foundation. On this night they were perfect, and truly engaged the full room. It was hard to look away watching these guys jam, they had me locked in for the extent of their set. Pick up "Feeding the Ducks" at their shows or purchase the record on their bandcamp.

Then came Brokaw, the newest project for a Seattle heavy music luminary Stuart Dahlquist. This man has an unfukwitable resume. He was in Burning Witch, spent time in Goat Snake and Sunn O))), is the mastermind behind Asva and now Brokaw. I'm still realing a bit from their labotimizing set. The band is noisy that is a sure thing, and I'm attempted to mention Big Black with a modest funk metal element as some sort of comparison but right now I really have to see them again to nail it down. All I know is they were a mindfuck. One of the best new Seattle bands I've seen.

Portland's X's for I's were enjoyable. They too had a penchant for the noisy end of the spectrum, think your favorite seminal post-punk band, they do that great. Totally dug them and glad they made the trip.

...and Serial Hawk.

Good god Serial Hawk. The absolute loudest most crushing band in town besides Brothers of the Sonic Cloth. I have to give Tad upper hand but I'm hatching a scheme to get these two bands side-by-side to settle the debate. Serial Hawk have changed bits and pieces of their set each time I've seen them, constantly refining and evolving but thing that doesn't change is their aim to pulverize eardrums. If you love heavier than thou stoner metal played at crushing volumes, Will, Paul, and Adam have your back.

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  1. No! I say, keep the show reviews coming! It's a good way to spread the word about unknown local talent you've discovered, and it gives the bands usable snippets for their "press" sections. ~Brooker



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