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0 SHOW PREVIEW: Night Boat to Nippon: A Benefit Concert for Japan

Night Boat to Nippon: A Benefit Concert for Japan
Friday April 22nd
The Funhouse

Steel Tigers of Death (record release)
Rat City Ruckus
Android Hero
Poop Attack!
Warning: Danger!
and The Raising of the Spike! The New Funhouse Clown Sign!!

We've all seen the horrible images of destruction caused by the recent tsunami that struck Japan. Now, some members of Seattle's music scene are helping to do something about it. Local musicians, Mari Ichimasu and Anthony Fantozzi, who have family in Japan, got together with Brian Foss, The Funhouse's booker, and organized a benefit concert to raise money for tsunami victims.

On April 22nd, The Funhouse will host a rock show titled, "Night Boat to Nippon: A Benefit Concert for Japan." All the cover charge money collected at the door will be donated to The Japanese Red Cross. There will also be an auction with awesome prizes to further raise some cash. Did I mention 5 awesome local Seattle bands are performing!

Headlining the show is Steel Tigers of Death. SToD are a fun punk party band that hasn’t played in Seattle for a while, so expect a break out, rocking performance. Steel Tiger of Death have performed at a Rat City Roller Girls bout and they also headlined the CD release party of The Funhouse Comp Thing 2. Definitely stick around until the end of the show to see what all the acclaim is about. Each show, the band performs wearing different costumes. I've seen the band perform as mummies, soldiers, and in hula outfits... can't wait to see what they come up with this time. SToD is an awesome band that knows how to play some serious rock and roll and brings fun and humor to the stage. It's also their record release party!

Local favorites, Android Hero are playing the third slot. Their full length "Broken Hearted Songs For Sensitive Tough Guys" made my Best of 2010 list. If you like loud, pissed off, raw punk music, you'll like Android Hero. Android Hero has this vibe that makes me want to find the bully that taunted me in 7th grade and destroy him. Android Hero's music makes me want to find my ex-girlfriend and show her how well I'm doing without her. I wouldn't call it "revenge music", I'd say Android Hero creates inspiring music that makes you want to charge into combat and destroy those who harm our world.

Another band with a release that charted on my Best of 2010 list is Rat City Ruckus and their full length, "Mustard Shot." Rat City Ruckus plays old school punk rock, someone's-parents-are-out-of-town, party music. Imagine being crammed in a firetrap of a basement with a six pack of beer tucked away in your backpack. No permits, there's a mattress propped up against the door to "keep the noise down" and a band is playing in the corner. That band would be Rat City Ruckus.

As if three of my favorite local Seattle bands aren’t enough, this bill includes another favorite band of mine Poop Attack! Poop Attack! is all over the spectrum. At times they sound like G.G. Allen without all the self-mutilation stuff. Other times, they harken back to some of the great Japanese bands like Shonen Knife or Melt Banana. Imagine the punk rock soundtrack of a tag team fight featuring a giant winged Iggy Pop and a fire breathing Godzilla versus a level 5 video game boss and you have Poop Attack!

Local safety rock band, Warning: Danger! opens the night. Warning: Danger! has a message for the world, and that message is SAFETY! Safety is necessary in many forms. Whether is warning you of the dangers of spelunking, avalanches, killer bees, or unprotected sex... Warning: Danger! is there to guide you through the perils of this world. Sometimes Godzilla, an oversized Tom Hanks or beautiful backup dancers joins them on stage. Get to the show early to find out what Warning: Danger! will do this time.

It's a 5 band bill, so you know Cody, the sound guy, is going to keep this rock train rolling, and start it promptly at 9:30.

Besides the super rockin' music, history will be made this night when The Funhouse raises their newly constructed sign. Last summer, some misguided people climbed upon the roof of The Funhouse and tried to steal Spike, the giant clown sign that once adorned the club. The heavy sign fell to earth and was damaged beyond repair.

Tonight, The Funhouse will once again have a giant clown face above their door. Beau, the doorman of The Funhouse, has been constructing a new, even scarier facade and Spike will once again loom over 5th Ave.

5 awesome bands, witnessing history, and helping out the victims of the tsunami that struck Japan... what more could you want from a rock show!!

The show has its own official website:
Steel Tigers of Death:
Android Hero:
Rat City Ruckus:
Poop Attack!
Warning: Danger!

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