Friday, May 6, 2011

0 NEW MUSIC: Priestbird's "Beachcombers" produced by Stone Gossard

New York City's Priestbird, a band that I have been a fan of for some time now after seeing them open for The Sword at Neumos in 2007 has released a new record called "Beachcombers". The band was formed from the ashes of progressive instrumental band Tarantula AD and they were on tour in support of their debut "In Your Time" on Kemado Records. I also saw them again at the Comet a couple months later. Priestbird blends psych and progressive rock with atmospheric vocals, very much a modern day Pink Floyd vibe.

"Beachcombers" is available for download on there website under the choose your price model. A very interesting and trippy listen so far.

An interesting side note for Seattleites and Pearl Jam fans around the globe is that the record was produced by Stone Gossard at Studio Litho in Fremont. Also credited as playing bass on three of the tracks is current Brad bassist, Keith Lowe.

Here's Priestbird's video for a track called "Diamond":

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