Thursday, May 12, 2011

0 WATCH OR DIE! #17: Kinski - "The Wives of Artie Shaw" (Video)

David Simon wrote in one of the greatest books ever written, The Corner, that, "you can be proud of a good caper; hell, a working, viable caper is to be celebrated."

Kinski gets it.

And in their video "The Wives of Artie Shaw", from the get go, the crew seems bound for trouble. Immediately, Kinski hops into their banged up rig that seems straight out of Goodfellas. From here, director Whitey McConnaughy (Yes, the guy who directed Red Fang's "Prehistoric Dog"!) delivers the Lumet/Mannesque shots of the journey: the tires, side mirror, a dude lighting up, etc.


With any caper comes an element of danger. Alarm soaked lasers that spell certain doom if touched come accompanied with a psychedelic onslaught, which will make any lover of the heavy stuff smile.

David Simon notes, "everyone living off a corner understands and accepts the distinction between a caper and a crime."

Kinski knows.

There is no cash or pounding the security guard over the head with a nine. Nope. Kinski just wants to blow the place out. The caper winds up at an amp/guitar joint where our heroes light it up with a loud dousing of awesomeness for the ghosts to enjoy.

In the end the crew scores some glowing, green goo, tosses that shit in the trunk a la Repo Man and heads for the hills.

Or maybe The Comet, which is where they will be headlining the next SRG show this Friday, May 13th, with Broken Water, Strong Killings, and Mopper. Doors open at 9:00pm.

But don't forget to check out "The Wives of Artie Shaw". WATCH OR DIE!

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