Monday, June 6, 2011

0 NEW MUSIC: Absolute Monarchs 3 Song Sampler

The Monarchs posted some new(ish) tracks on a brand new bandcamp site yesterday. The three songs have been available for streaming for awhile on Facebook but were probably overlooked due to Facebook's crude built-in music player. If "Bad Taste", "Thinking Thieves", and "A Little Uninformed" are any indication on what's to come then people should get really stoked for their debut full length, which according to Bandcamp is due in 2012 on Good to Die Records?

New Label?

Absolute Monarchs are an impressive unit, making truly unique and racous music unlike any NW band I've come across. See them live June 29th at the Rebar and then again on the first night of Capitol Hill Block Party in the Cha Cha at 9:45pm.

Stream the new songs below:

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