Friday, July 29, 2011

0 SHOW PREVIEW: Tidal Rage 2011 at Vera Project

All ages shows rule.  It definitely gets one away from the standing and staring that occurs at most shows.  Nothing wrong with that, but the kids take the intensity up a few notches.

I like.

This Saturday, July 30th, the Vera Project hosts Tidal Rage 2011 featuring a monster line up of Smooth Sailing, Great Falls, Monogomy Party, and Android Hero.  This show promises to be heavy duty.  Every band will rip your face off in the most pleasant manner. 

Let's break it down:

Smooth Sailing's set takes audiences for a ride.  Their album xoxo is definitely one of my favorite records this year.  Their live set must be seen!

Great Falls launches a straight up assault that commands attention.  Check out this video and see what I mean.  DAMN!  That's some good shit.  Apparently that vid was shot when they were known as Hemmingway.  Here is a link to another killer video.  For more information on Great Falls, check out this old write up on SRG.

 Monogomy Party has been on constant rotation this week on my stereo after Nik showed me some footage from the CHBP.  Tons of energy coming from these guys - I predict an awesome crowd freakout!

Android Hero is one of my favorite bands.  Their 2009 release, Broken Hearted Love Songs For Sensitive Tough Guys, makes me want to trash the Man Den.  Well, trash it even more.  If the songs "Intellectual Property Lawyer" or "Morning After the Night Before Pill" don't raise your heart rate, then you might be dead.  These guys rule!!   

Show starts at 7:30pm and tickets are only $8.  All proceeds benefit the Vera Project and the Surf Rider Foundation.  Good times await! 

By Jerry Howard


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