Monday, August 1, 2011

2 PHOTOS: Soundgarden, QOTSA, Mastodon at the Gorge

Great show all around. Killer performances, the Gorge douchbag factor was lower than normal and they had 24oz for $10 as opposed to the $10 16oz I remember. You know, the important things in life.

Meat Puppets sounded fantastic, played all the hits, and really weren't the oddball on the line-up like they seemed on paper. Mastodon ripped through hits off their 4 records respectively and even broke out a new tune from their upcoming release "The Hunter". Queens of the Stone Age were flawless but played way less of the debut than I thought they would have considering it's recent re-issue. "Mexicola" was a nice surprise though. Soundgarden blew my head off with the early material. "Beyond the Wheel" was unabashed probably one of the heaviest live moments I've experienced -- pretty incredible all around. The set lasted just over 2 hours with only a short encore break. The only lulls were a couple snoozers from "Down on the Upside", which on their own would have been killer but stacked up against tracks like "Hunted Down" and "Slaves and Bulldozers" just didn't cut it.

It was a fun one. Here's a couple photos. I hate editing photos so maybe someday I'll show more.

Posted by Nik Christofferson
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  1. Nice pics!



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