Wednesday, August 3, 2011

1 NEW MUSIC: Gaytheist's "Rainbows Have Nothing To Hide"

I'll admit that Portland band Gaytheist initially caught my attention only because of their awesome moniker. That of course was before I pushed play on their debut full length "Pentagrams are Super!". The first track on that record sounded oddly familiar, turns out the band fronted by Jason Rivera had covered Karp's "Bacon Industry" while infusing their own lyrics -- lets just say these guys have a sense a humor and they had my attention. "Pentagrams are Super!" is a solid collection of scathing punk songs with a little molten chaos thrown for good measure.

Just the other day Gaytheist released their sophomore record via Bandcamp. "Rainbows Have Nothing to Hide" follows suit quite nicely with another batch a ripping tracks that suggest these guys would be great live.

Good news! Gaytheist is currently playing shows in support of the new effort and make their way to Seattle for the first this Saturday for an SRG Presents show at the 2Bit with Consulate, Monogamy Party, and Pouch.

Take a listen and hope to see you in Ballard.

Posted by Nik Christofferson


  1. The title "Pentagrams are Super!" just made me crack up. Checking it out!



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