Thursday, September 1, 2011

0 EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Princess - "Remember to Breathe"

It's been a big couple of weeks for Seattle band Princess. Last Wednesday they uploaded their first release "The Grim Energy" EP on bandcamp for the world to hear -- I posted my initial thoughts HERE. Now today after weeks of hard work SRG is proud to host an exclusive viewing of Princess' very first music video.

"Remember to Breathe" was made by SRG's own Jerry Howard using footage he shot in South Africa during a year long adventure that also took him to India, Italy, and the UK. Jerry is a member of local guerrilla film crew Taco Cart Productions who are responsible for the brilliant short-films "Vampire Hunter Hank", "Girl Trouble", and soon to be released "Mysophobia". Haven't seen either Taco Cart film? Girl Trouble is currently on YouTube and VHH is available for purchase on DVD, just shoot Jerry an email.

The video depicts our protagonist as a survivor living among the walking dead. Trying to maintain some sense of normalcy he lives freely yet constantly has to watch his back as he encounters the flesh eaters on a daily basis. This just so happened to be the perfect premise for Princess' frantic first single "Remember to Breathe".

Check it out!

Directed, edited and produced by Jerry Howard

Princess also has a huge show this Sunday at the Sunset in Ballard. They open for one of Portland's biggest and baddest bands, SRG favorite "Danger F" (you should be able to figure this one out on your own). The Annunaki are also on the bill. Get your tickets NOW. It will sell out so don't miss out!

Video Credits:

Princess is:

Andrew Chapman - vocals.
Roddy Chops - guitar.
Sam Wilder - bass.
Violet Séverine Blanchard - drums

Skater/Zombie Killer: Regan Kapp
Zombie #1: Adam the Bad Ass
Zombie #2: Stacy Hoffman
Zombie #3: IN FLAMES
Zombie #4: Ruth Cousins

Makeup by Stacy Hoffman and Ruth Cousins

Director of Photography: John Jurgens

Shot in Cape Town, South Africa; Seattle, WA; Tacoma, WA.

Thanks to Travis Petershagen, Nik Christofferson, and Wes Johnson

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