Friday, September 2, 2011

0 SHOW PREVIEW: Some Bands You Shouldn't Miss or Whatever (at Bumbershoot)

You know what I was almost done with my Bumbershoot preview, I was on a roll, really inspiring stuff if I do say so myself and I lost it. Into the either never to be read by anyone, because I can't remember the half of it. I was in the zone I tell you.

Anyways. FUCK! An hour wasted. For what? To tell you about the best bands to see at good ole' Bumbershoot this weekend. Does anyone care? Actually, I'd honestly hope that if you read this blog with some regularity, you don't. I'm just a whore for free tickets to events especially ones where RED FANG, NOMEANSNO, BUTTHOLE SURFERS, PENTAGRAM, THEE OH SEES, and REVEREND HORTON HEAT are playing but that's not say I wasn't contacted and asked why I hadn't sent in my press application this year. At least I'm honest.

Well, there you have it -- my 6 recommendations for the spotty at best line-up of Bumbershoot 2011, that was easy.

I've spent the last hour listening to the Butthole Surfers' first full length on Touch and Go "Psychic... Powerless... Another Man's Sac" wondering to myself how Bumbershoot is going to react to such an infamous oddity of American underground music. I predict a fare amount of head scratching or maybe even a sparse crowd. Who knows. Bottomline is that it will be an experience, one that no one should miss. It's too bad the days of Gibby Hanes' naked acid freakouts are well over because I'd love to see Seattle's bland music herd's reaction to that shit.

The mighty Red Fang play Saturday at 2:45pm. The NW's most notable rock band has been touring their asses off following the release of "Murder the Mountains" last April. They spent a month in Europe and then made their way around the US as part of the Rockstar Mayhem Festival this summer. Red Fang are blowing up! It's pretty damn cool too. Red Fang are not to be missed this weekend and I have a feeling they won't because 145,000 people have viewed their brilliant music video for "Wires" directed by fellow Portlander Whitey McConnaughy. If by chance you miss Saturday's set, you may want to hang out in Ballard on Sunday. I hear the Fang-gang will be chillin' at the Sunset with Princess.

NoMeansNo plays Sunday, which just so happens to be the strongest day of the 3 day ordeal. Arguably the best punk band ever to pick up instruments, these Canadian wonders never cease to amaze in a live setting. They are amazing musicians, period. I would definitely say that discovering NoMeansNo shaped my musical tastes in every way, really unlocking an entire world of glorious noise. How are you living these days? Maybe you should see NoMeansNo this weekend and see if there's a pulse of any kind.

That's it. Bumbershoot. Yee Haw! No Bumbershooting for you? Here are 3 great shows happening over the long weekend.

Saturday: Grenades, Sloths (PDX), and Bitches Crystal (ex-Patrol) at the Josephine.

Sunday: Danger F, Princess, and The Annunaki at the Sunset (WILL SELL OUT!)

Monday: 400 Blows, Lozen, White Jazz (members of Akimbo, Android Hero, and Bitches Crystal) at the Funhouse

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