Tuesday, September 6, 2011

0 Watch or Die #18 - "Holly Flips" by Warning: Danger!

Warning: Danger! - Photo by Jason Anderson

About five years ago, Mark Ostler approached me with a script for a short film about an emo dude breaking up with his psycho girl. Months later, he brought a tape recording of the song with the band he had put together for the ending credits. Never in a hundred years would I have guessed that 'one and done' band would turn into Warning: Danger! Now, in 2011, the script metamorphosed into a music video entitled, "Holly Flips" and Warning: Danger! just completed a tour of the Pacific Northwest.

What a journey.

Warning: Danger! has a knack for music videos. Hell, W:D! was made to create videos. Think back to Watch or Die #6 - "Safe Sex." The video proved a straight up pants pisser. Fortunately, "Holly Flips" continues down the pants pissing path. As soon as Emo Dude utters he can only explain, "in a whisper", it's on. Holly, played to perfection by Hannah Ricker, loses her mind. She attacks all things sacred: Star Wars models (ships from space) and, gulp, "Spells" vinyl from the bad ass Kent 3.

Ouch! But that's not all...

Holly makes her way to Emo Dude's Suburu with a baseball bat.  Here, the true star is W:D! drummer Mike Correa eating a burrito.

Has to be seen to be believed.

Have to hand it to Warning: Danger!, by my count they're two-for-two with two home runs. Fantastic work. One question: when do we get a movie?

NOTE: the photo from above comes from W:D!'s first MAXIMUM SINGLE Holly Flips.  You can see Jake Weller of Consulate in the background and posing as Holly is my wife!  Time flies.

by Jerry Howard


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