Thursday, October 6, 2011

2 NEW MUSIC: Seattle band Bellwitch's Demo 2011

From the ashes of Sod Hauler and Lethe comes Bellwitch, the newest heavy music project for Seattle based drummer Adrian Guerra and bassist Dylan Desmond (also of Samothrace). Bellwitch's bass and drum only doom metal is extremely bleak and extremely heavy, just as it should be. Book ended by two instrumental tracks, the stellar "I Wait" and "Mayknow" feature spots of both super eerie chanting as well as guttural scream vocals provided by both members, over top lumbering and crushing funeral doom type compositions. It sounds to me like Seattle's KVLT metal community has gained another strong member. Bellwitch's four track demo is currently available for FREE download on the band's bandcamp site. Check it out!

Posted by Nik Christofferson


  1. Loooove Bellwitch. These dudes kill live, too.

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