Monday, October 17, 2011

1 VIDEO: Occupy Seattle - "Rectum? Damn Near Kill'em!" by Smooth Sailing

Smooth Sailing lighting technician Timmy Keener has been an active and vocal participant in the Occupy Seattle protests over the past couple weeks. Throughout this time he has tirelessly kept his Facebook followers up-to-date on all the happenings of the movement, in turn motivating more participants to join including band mates Ryan Adams and Patrick Oye. They took to the streets on Saturday to march along with three thousand others on the largest day of protest to date, and wisely brought their flip cameras to capture the experience. That footage was released today as an amazing protest video highlighting Saturday's Occupy Seattle march set to the Smooth Sailing scorcher "Rectum? Damn Near Kill'em!".

Excellent work.

Posted by Nik Christofferson
Video by Ryan Adams


  1. Great video. I was down there a couple times, and one of the times I was like "wait... are those the Smooth Sailing guys? ... naw..." I was so wrong. But this video is so right. We are the 99%!



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