Friday, November 4, 2011

0 SHOW PREVIEW: Rabbits, Android Hero, Deadkill, Sirhan Sirhan at the Funhouse

The hand of the Man pins me down, so Part III to my MFNW piece never came out.  So be it.  Part III can be summed up in one word:


After seeing Portland band Rabbits the previous night, the SRG crew ventured to an afternoon show at the Tube where there would be Hamms consumption and lots of it.  Rabbits unleashed a brutal set complete with Black Flag, Poison Idea, and Minor Threat covers that completely blew my mind.  Hearing the classic jams "Wasted" and "Straight Edge" Rabbits style capped the entire weekend, leaving me wanting more Rabbits.

Wish granted.

This Saturday, Rabbits will tear the Funhouse a new asshole.  Their album Lower Forms (Relapse Records) still receives tons of play at my household.  Every session with "Burn, Sun, Burn" or "We Beat" threatens the very existence of the Guerrilla House.  I want to tear the place apart with a big, huge shit eating grin.  This sort of subversive behavior can be explained quite easily:

I know!

I know because I have seen Rabbits live.  To truly appreciate this Portland three piece, they must be witnessed live.  Rabbits do not fuck around.  They bring intensity to every show and lay waste to everyone in attendance.  Try standing still when Rabbits unload "Invisibugs" at the gig.  Try.  It is impossible. Your first inclination will be climbing the rafters.  I say good, climb away.

Fortunately for us, Rabbits will have plenty of help shredding the Funhouse this Saturday, November 5th.  Android Hero never disappoints.  Their album Broken Hearted Love Songs For Sensitive Tough Guys rules. Buy it. Badass local punk band Deadkill and Sirhan Sirhan from San Diego round out an incredible bill that could go down as one of the best shows of the year, so don't let the Funhouse's nasty restrooms scare ya away - get your ass down to the show and witness the original flavor Rabbits bring to heavy music.  They are truly one of the most interesting bands playing right now.    

By Jerry Howard


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