Thursday, December 15, 2011

1 LIST MANIA: James Reeves of Into the Storm

Tonight at the Highline, Into the Storm celebrates the release of their second record called "CAPTAINS". It's a brooding second effort that sees ITS melding elements of hardcore and post-rock as well as continues to showcase the band's experimental approach to heavy music as first displayed on their debut, "Amidst a Sea of Chaos". The band has pressed 250 copies on vinyl; 150 splatter and 100 black and each package features multiple pieces of original artwork including front and back cover as well as 5 inserts, one for each song. Sounds dope and can't wait to see and hear the final product. Also on the bill are Numb, Shrouded by Veils, and Serial Hawk. 

James Reeves, drummer for Into the Storm, has taken time out of his busy band schedule to list out his favorite records and shows of 2011 for our end of the year list mania. Check it out and see you at the Highline tonight!


Too fucking many awesome releases, this is the cut.

1) Gladiators Eat Fire - Psychedelic Hogwash (self-release)

*Fuck if music journalism ain't a biased shit storm. And so, I nominate these hard working kids. Yea, they also happen to be bros, wanna fight about it?

2) Smooth Sailing – XOXO (self-release)

*Amazing batch of songs, recorded at a magical place hidden amongst the hills of Magnolia. One of Seattle’s newest juggernauts.

3) Helms Alee – Weatherhead (Hydra Head)

*Self-explanatory. If you haven't heard Hozji play drums, you're missing out on the secret of life.

4) SLOTHS – Transit (self-release)

*Had the honor of playing with these boys early in the year. Upon finding their releases online this shit struck a deep screamo like chord in my soul. Via the mid-1990’s Welcome The Plague Year/Neil Perry/ENVY, not brokencyde you idiot.

5) True Widow - As High as the Highest Heavens and From the Center to the Circumference of the Earth (Kemado)

*First time since Murder By Death that the random touring support act has won my heart. Saw them open at Crocodile for Grails.

6) Sandrider - S/T (Good To Die)

*Local bandwagon, but seriously, buy this record & most assuredly jam it into your earholes shortly thereafter.

7) GRAILS – Deep Politics (Temporary Residence)

*Such a meaty psychedelic release. As if the first set of album’s song structures weren’t built with an OCD laden mind, this release’s composition is flawless. I’d sworn it would be harder to top that.

8) Grenades & Mercy Ties (Split 7") (Echolalic)

*Two of my adored local favorites, together in one package. Heavy like firecrackers. Mathy like geometry. Algebraic, dog.

9) GRIMES – Darkbloom (Hippos In Tanks/Arbutus)

*Sucker for the synth-pop drenched milky mind blows. This lady is creative.

10) Red Fang – Murder the Mountains (Relapse)

*Have to admit, was not a Red Fanger up front. Simple riffs, viral video…seemed too easy. Then they went back into the studio and pulled from the beer soaked soil, Murder the Mountains. My ears are hooked, and I can’t seem to shake it. Viral, indeed.


Short on shows, played too many, attended to few. New’s years resolution, check.

1) Deftones, Dillinger Escape Plan – Moore Theater 04/14/2011

2) Smooth Sailing CD RELEASE – Sunset Tavern 04/01/2011

3) Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Thrones – Showbox Sodo 02/17/2011

4) Mark’s Birthday: Gladiators Eat Fire, Ravenna Woods, Blunt Knife, Mother’s Anger – Mole House 06/01/2011

5) Smooth Sailing, Serial Hawk, Engine, Kozo, Into the Storm – The Barn (Tumwater, WA) 07/23/2011

6) Kylesa, Lesbian, Book of Black Earth – Funhouse 12/04/2010
• Technically end of 2010, still rad

7) Grails & True Widow – Crocodile 10/03/2011

8) Murder by Death, Builders and the Butchers – Tractor Tavern 02/16/2011

9) Til We Die Fest – 09/23/2011-09/24/2011

10) Seattle Rock Guy Presents: Rabbits, Vaz, Princess, Grenades – Highline Bar 03/25/2011


  1. Great list! I'm not hearing as many people talking about that True Widow record as I expected, and SLOTHS are one of PDX's finest.



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