Tuesday, December 27, 2011

0 LIST MANIA: Jason Rivera of Portland's Gaytheist

Portland's Gaytheist came out of nowhere in 2011 to really impress the writers of this blog. The noisy trio fronted by Jason Rivera played their first Seattle show, a SRG show at the 2 Bit with Monogamy Party, Consulate, and Pouch back in August. Since then they've formed a bond with Monogamy Party and have released a killer sophomore record called "Rainbows Have Nothing to Hide", listen here. Gaythiest plays with Seattle bands Sandrider and Brokaw in Portland on January 14th.

My Top 9 albums for ear-boners released in 2011:

1. Man Man “Life Fantastic” – magical fantasy boom box bliss

2. Rabbits “Lower Forms” - heavy and beautiful and then more heavy

3. Monogamy Party “Pus City” – hands down seattle’s best live band

4. Wax Edison “Fire Rabbits” - double bass badassery

5. Book of Mormon Soundtrack - reminds me of the broadway show, wish I could see it every night

6. Mongoloid Village “Folly” – every top 10 2011 list should have this. Next level Portland rock.

7. Hey Lover “Tennessee” – oh shit fun times

8. 400 Blows “Sickness & Health” – still manage to fuck with my mind after all these years

9. Beirut “The Rip Tide” – I want Zach Condon to sing me to sleep every night (I guess after seeing book of mormon every night).

9 Runner-ups:

Tune Yards “Whokill”
Minoton “Chaotic Good”
Sandrider “Sandrider”
Towers “Towers”
Pygmy Shrews “You People Can All Go Straight To Hell"
Helms Alee “Weatherhead”
Red Fang “Murder The Mountains”
Eleanor Friedberger “Last Summer”
Elitist "Fear in a Handful of Dust"


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