Thursday, December 22, 2011

0 LIST MANIA: Jerry Howard of SRG and Taco Cart Productions

 1. Sandrider - s/t
The first time I heard "The Corpse" live, I was hooked. There is no way in hell I ever thought Murder the Mountains could be bounced from the Number #1 slot, but that's what Sandrider did.  There is not a weak spot on the entire album. Sandrider changes it up with ease and just fucking kicks everyone's asses.  From "Children" to "Scatter", Sandrider never misses a beat.  Damn!

2. Red Fang - Murder the Mountains
Red Fang is my favorite band. They are the complete package.  Live, they rip spaces to shreds leaving all participants with the bliss of a Red Fangover for days to come.  Topping their self titled debut seemed impossible.  Apparently it wasn't.  Topping the "Prehistoric Dog" vid seemed impossible.  Apparently it wasn't.  These guys bring it every night and look like they're having a blast while doing it.  "Dirt Wizard" provided the theme of my summer while Murder the Mountains scored my endless shit show.  What a soundtrack. 

3. Rabbits - Lower Forms
Holy shit!  Rabbits!  Fucking Lower FormsLOWER FORMS!  It's an ass kicking!  "Noise to Share" pushes me to hope for apocalypse, just so I can blast this song while it happens.  Morbid?  "Duck, The Pigs" and "Invisibugs" follow on Lower Forms and only reinforce my resolve.  I love this album and the cover is one of the best I have ever seen.

4. Monogamy Party - Pus City
If this album doesn't get you moving, you're dead.

5. Black Tusk - Set the Dial
Black Tusk delivers everything I want from a heavy band: speed, brutal riffs, and yelling.  Tons of yelling. 

 6. Helms Alee - Weatherhead
Wait, why isn't Weatherhead Number 1.  I love it that much.  Damn, 2011 was a strong year! 

7. Smooth Sailing - xoxo
 Xoxo takes its audience for a ride - good trippin'!

8. Gaythiest- Rainbows Have Nothing to Hide.
Man, these fellas from Portland are H-E-A-V-Y!  They blew my brains out at the 2bit.  Thank you for doing that.

9. Retox - Ugly Animals
FUCK YES!  Retox possesses the anger that has been missing in music.  "The World is Ending and It's About Time" is truly prophetic.  

 10. Disma - Towards the Megalith
Disma has converted me into a fan of Death Metal.  Towards the Megalith makes me grind my teeth. 
Honorable Mentions:
Executioner - Anthology.  This one was #10 until Disma entered my life.  Executioner has an interesting story.  They hailed from San Jose, CA and existed during the early 80's.  They played with all the classic punk bands, but never released any of their material until 2011.  When I received a copy, it was like unearthing a treasure.  If you are fan of punk rock, get your hands on Executioner.

 The Spits - The Spits VHey, it's The Spits! 

Norska - s/tHeavy duty.  

Lord Dying 7".  Lord Dying creates the heaviest riffs.  They are the riff masters. While hanging in Portland, I have never seen so many Lord Dying t-shirts.  It felt as if they have created their own Warriorsesque gang.  I should have worn my shirt to see if members receive any benefits. 

Mastodon - The HunterThe album is finally sinking its claws into me.  

Consulate - s/t.   I love this album.  Why isn't it my Top 10?

Cerebral Ballzy - s/tPunk rock rules! 


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