Friday, December 23, 2011

0 LIST MANIA: Yos-wa of Monogamy Party

This year was a great one for local music. I'm proud that my city has so much amazing music coming out of it. I've also definitely been in kind of a heavy music spiral this past year, so forgive me if my picks aren't necessarily too diverse. Anyways, in no particular order, I give you my top ten releases of 2011 (and if for some reason one of these was released in 2010 or some shit, shut the fuck up. I didn't hear it until 2011, and I'm too lazy to do that research):

Strong Killings - S/T
One of the most interesting punk albums I've heard in years. These songs come at you from so many directions, you have to have it on repeat to get a handle on all of the parts.

Great Falls - Demo
So heavy, so noisy. The bass riff combined with Demian's screaming at the beginning of "All Clean Necks" is one of the rawest things you will ever hear.

Helms Alee - Weatherhead
One of my favorite bands prove they aren't any one-trick pony. Some of the most beautiful heavy music out there.

Xylophones - Elevator Feet
Gritty indie rock from Tacoma's finest. Thick fuzz, soft vocals, reminds me of listening to it on repeat on a lengthy morning walk in California while on tour.

Constant Lovers - True Romance
So glad these guys finally found a way to get this record out. I don't quite have the words to pigeonhole it, it's just plain fantastic.

Big Business - Quadruple Single
Four dope songs; but for obvious reasons, "Guns" is definitely the standout track. I've always liked how Big Biz can take a simplistic idea and drag it out but keep it interesting and engaging the entire time.

Tom Waits - Bad As Me
It's a Tom Waits record, of course it's gonna be good.

Witch Hat - Brown in a Dog
MP played with these Baltimorean dudes back in September, and they were so fucking good! Some weird Sabbath-y type riffs, but sounds nothing like Sabbath.

WU LYF - Go Tell Fire on the Mountain
I've had most of these songs downloaded for a while in demo form, so it's good to have an actual record. If you're into organs, a shit ton of reverb, and gruff vocals then this may be your jam.

Future of the Left - Polymers Are Forever EP
The only bad thing about Future of the Left recording an EP is that it's just not long enough. But I guess if you combine these tracks with the 3 demos they leaked last year, you pretty much have a full length....

I've been to a lot of fucking shows this year, but it seems like I've been playing at most of them. Presented to you in chronological order, the following are the best that I didn't play (and can remember):

1. Harkonen, Dog Shredder, Lozen @ Shakedown 03/18
Any opportunity to see Harkonen is a good one. Dog Shredder and Lozen were just the icing on the cake.

2. Grudge Rock w/ He Whose Ox is Gored and Grenades @ Rebar 04/07
Grudge Rock is always a blast. It's better when you get to watch your friends get shitfaced and make fools of themselves.

3. Melvins @ Crocodile 05/13
They played the first Melvins album I got into, Houdini, as well as the album that is probably my favorite, Lysol.

4. Hydra Head Records Tour @ Neumo's 08/04
Everybody was telling me how dope Torche was, but I wasn't too into them. This was actually the first time I'd seen Big Biz in years, and the first time I'd seen them with a guitar player. Pretty fucking dope.

5. Unaffiliated Sound Fest show @ Belly House/Linda's Fest/Unaffiliated Sound Fest After Party @ Black Lodge 08/20
08/20 was a rough day for my ears and liver. Hanging out at a punk rock BBQ with a shit ton of friends at the Belly House, throwing raw meat and raging harder than ever watching Black Breath at Linda's Fest, and watching Retox play a shit show of an after party at the Black Lodge. Fuck the Soundfest.

6. Grudge Rock w/ Helms Alee and Akimbo @ Rebar 09/01
A bunch of funny dudes answering trivia questions and then tearing down the Rebar with some brutal tunes. Not to mention Ben filming the "Eddie Vedder stagedive" for Helms's video.

7. Nomeansno @ Hell's Kitchen 09/30
Destruction Island was playing in Tacoma this day and I was able to leave right after we played and rush to catch Nomeansno. Just in time!

8. Melt Banana, Retox, Dog Shredder @ Chop Suey 10/03
The sweaty, writhing mosh pit during Melt Banana was probably one of the best things I've ever taken part in.

9. Helms Alee, Narrows, Constant Lovers @ Black Lodge 10/19
I didn't get there in time for Spacebag, and from what I hear, I missed out. Seeing Narrows in such a small place was rad though. Would have been better without a couple of assholes hardcore dancing and ruining everyone else's good time.

10. Shellac @ Vera Project 10/27
Not only is Shellac one of the best bands ever, they're fucking entertaining as all hell. Just wish I coulda had a beer!


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