Thursday, December 1, 2011

0 Monogamy Party...the genesis of something great

Not being able to slap a label on a band is the ultimate compliment.  Bands like Faith No More, Rabbits, Helms Alee, Melvins, and Fugazi defy labels while blazing their own paths. Writers and executives desperately try slapping genres on bands in order to sell more records, sometimes with great success, but with some bands this strategy bears no fruit.

Monogamy Party is one of those special bands who twart labels.  Watching the three piece feels like the genesis of something great; a feeling  that a massive creative energy is being unleashed on music starved enthusiasts and the surface seems to be just barely getting scratched.  Their new EP, Pus City, seems hell bent to destroy the remnants of mope lurking within Seattle. Vulnerable mope's legs seem wobbly and Monogamy Party might just deliver the knock out blow. Songs like "Fucking Out Your Brains" and "Drunk or Dying" will make the meek want to crack a cold one and start thrashing about. Pus City gets better and better with each listen. It's the gift that keeps on giving. Yes, mope rock is in trouble.

Somewhere, John Richards cries into his double, split shot soy latte.

Get a tissue.

To really appreciate the brutal onslaught Monogamy Party delivers one must see them live, so join me this Friday at The Comet where Monogamy Party will share the stage with Cold Lake, the mighty Brokaw, and Absolute Monarchs as part of a benefit show for Noise for the Needy hosted by SRG. There will be beer.

But back to Monogamy Party.  Don't miss out on this incredible band.  I leave you with some lyrics from their song, "Never to Rise":

Don't waste your time

Digging your grave

I'm standing next to you

Don't let this go in vain.

See ya Friday.

By Jerry Howard


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