Wednesday, December 7, 2011

0 VIDEO: Skeletor shreds!

I'm sure the metal bands that frequent Studio Seven will not agree with me, but Seattle is seriously lacking in the "true" metal category. We are ripe with CVLT bands and cacophonous heavy music of all types but building a bill around a band like say the mighty Vultures 2012 always leads to head scratching and eventually a few bands that sort of fit but only because they are heavy -- but not metal.

One band that can surely call themselves metal as fuck are Seattle's own Skeletor. These dudes show no remorse in harkening back to the NWOBHM era and the early days of thrash to bring an impressive onslaught of riffs and wide ranging vocals done so well, that Mr. Halford would have to approve.

Skeletor impressed the hell out of me when they opened for The Spits a few weeks back. Here they are ripping it up at Chop Suey.

by Nik Christofferson
video by Jerry Howard


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