Saturday, December 31, 2011

0 LIST MANIA: Demian Johnston of Great Falls

I am always at a loss to list five things that really effected me at the end of a year. As 2012 is still mint in the box I will list five random musical discoveries as they occur to me...

1. Monogamy Party - live.

Total insanity. Fuck.

2. Mournful Congregation - live.

Everyone needs to thank Dan Fried for not only bring Mournful Congregation to Seattle but for also being in Anhedonist.

3. Anhedonist - live at the Mournful Congregation show.

They owned that night.

4. Mawdyrn - s/t cassette on Universal Consciousness.

The best thing in metallic satanic drone. It's the most majestic and hateful thing you will hear for a long time.

5. Blue Sabbath Black Cheer/Irr. Apt. (ext) - Skeletal Copula Remains (Gnarled Forest/Errata In Excelsis)

The most terrifying music ever. I think I called this "comically scary" and I stand behind that. It is so fucked up that you almost have to chuckle at how creepy this thing sounds. It's heavy and dark and it is crucial that you find this so we can talk about it.


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