Friday, December 30, 2011

1 LIST MANIA: Mark Ostler of Warning:Danger!

Mark Ostler's Top 10 Records of 2011

1. The Spits - Kill The Kool: The Spits Brothers have been busy this year. They released their 5th album, recorded a split 7" with NOFX, and dropped new material from their side projects Black Orphan and Blood Wing. The best of The Spits’ new releases is "Kill The Kool", a full length compilation of rare recordings and new material. "Kill The Kool" is only available at live shows or at inflated prices on eBay. Rules!! #1 for a reason.

2. Sandrider - Sandrider: Sandrider's official record release happens January 12, 2012, but there's a few copies floating around. It rocks!! Sounds like the soundtrack to a medieval war.

3. Them and Us – Korea’s punks at Club Spot: One of the best shows I saw in 2011 was a band from Seoul, Korea, named "Whatever That Means". At the show, I scored this compilation of various Korean bands. It's comforting to know, there are others throughout the world that feel disenfranchised and angry just like you and me.

4. The Black Lips – Arabia Mountain: At first, I hated this album. "Why would a drunken garage band like The Black Lips use a horn section in their latest recording?" Then I listened to it more and it really grew on me. Beneath the glossed up recording, you can still hear the old party band.

5. The Coach Whips - Bangers and Fuckers: This was my bargain record store score for 2011. $0.99 was well worth this muddy, fuzzy, high-energy gem. Ok, this album was released in 2004, but it’s better late than never. Wish I owned this one sooner.

6. Princess - The Grim Energy EP: Don’t let the name Princess fool you, this band is one of the heaviest around. Screaming vocals, screaming guitars, thundering drums. Can't wait to see what they do in 2012.

7. Red Fang – Murder The Mountains: Red Fang is an all around awesome band - intense music, hilarious videos, and near religious live performances. In 2011, Red Fang toured with Mastadon; good to see this awesome band is getting the attention they deserve.

8. Warning: Danger! - The Safe and The Dead: Seattle's own safety punk rockers are back with their 2nd full length release. Less goofy, more rockin', still got that quick, dirty edge. Who needs a song to be longer than 3 minutes, right?

9. Kramer - (self titled): Tacoma is a hard living, hard knocks kind of a town. So you'd think Tacoma would produce some hard rockin' music? Besides Lozen, Girl Trouble, and Seaweed's reunion, Tacoma has been kinda quiet… until now. Kramer is ready to bust onto the scene. Kramer's recording a 2nd album right now, so look for that in 2012.

10. Smooth Sailing - XOXO: It takes a bit to get going, but once the album kicks in, it's like a boot to your face. Awesome live performances too. If you don't know, you should know.



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