Tuesday, May 1, 2012

0 The Funhouse Property Has Been Sold, New Location For Venue Sought

Gah! This news and final blow to the Funhouse came yesterday from owner Brian Foss...the search begins for a new location.

I am sad to report that it is now official - The Funhouse will be moving from our current location.

Our landlords sent us a notice informing us that the building has been sold and we have 6 months to vacate the property, ending our tenancy on October 31, 2012.

Obviously we are devastated by this news.

My business partner Bobby & I are now going to begin the process of finding another location for our business. Ideally we'd love to find a somewhat central location that can host a bar & live music. In the best case scenario we'd love to find a place to buy, but barring that renting another space would be acceptable too.

Our hope is to take over another space by Oct/Nov, thereby minimizing down time and at best keep all of our staff employed.

The building the Funhouse occupies originally opened in the late 1930's under the name Tex's Tavern. Tex's was in business for 50 plus years, until it became Zaks in the 1990's. Bobby took over the business, opening the doors on Halloween night 2003.

When word went out about us possibly losing our business the public outpouring of support was overwhelming, and while we desire no charity (The Funhouse is a for profit business, after all) we are hoping to hear suggestions from our supporters about possible new locations.

One of the things some folks were hoping for was getting some kind of landmark status for the building, but my understanding is this happening is way on the outside of possibility. Obviously we'd love some kind of last minute miracle to keep us in our current location, but we must be pragmatic and plan on moving.

So this ain't over yet. I have to look at this as something positive. Who knows what cool stuff will happen in the next few months?

And to anyone wanting to support us - please come down and buy a drink. We could use your business!

Brian Foss
Funhouse Co-owner/Booking Agent


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