Thursday, May 3, 2012


WHAT’S NOT WEAK THIS WEEK – a local show roundup
By Jake Weller

Thursday, May 3rd

[Yohobitat/RUINS Alone/Bill Horist]

Yoshida Tatsuya—the brain and one of the hands behind legendary avant-prog duo, Ruins—is going it alone at Chop Suey on Thursday as the aptly named Ruins Alone.  Luckily, Seattle native, guitar virtuouso and fellow perpleximatician, Bill Horist, has his back.  Each of them will be performing their cacophonous and bewildering, yet mesmerizing and ultimately mind-blowing solo sets before joining together under the ridiculous moniker Yohobitat to baffle the crowd into submission with their mini-Voltron of weird and awesome.  Horist recently held center ring at the Josephine in a collaboration with noise veteran, Darin Gray, tossing each other around on trapezes in a circus of sound.  It was as if two future humanoids had unearthed a couple guitars and attempted to work the strange sound devices by assaulting them with various household items and tools.  One particularly inspired section found Horist tossing corks into an inverted cymbal resting balanced on the strings of his fretboard.  Only someone who has truly mastered his instrument ever gets bored enough to try out that kind of shit. 

Friday, May 4th  

Argonaut’s frontman, Matt Sader, sure knows how to celebrate the aging process.  Almost as if he felt the need to display the proud feathers of his vitality to ward off the AARP pamphlets, he has sandwiched his sludgy noise rock outfit between two absolutely essential Northwest bands, Lozen and Mico De Noche, for his birthday show at the New Frontier in Tacoma Friday night.  Expect loud, expect awe, and expect at least one bare-breasted Argonaut guitarist.  That alone is worth ten times the price of admission.

For those of you who want to stay Seattle-side for the evening, The Sunset in Ballard is doing some sonic soundscaping with Fungal Abyss, Noise-a-Tron, and X Suns (pronounced “Ten Suns”).  Philistines may complain about the lack of a vocalist throughout this lineup, but those people have never sat in a room experiencing the tantric succession of 7-minute orgasms each of these bands induce.  The more worldly lager-swilling showgoers know that they will stumble out into the night, after the refraining fog from the last fungal thunder chord finally dissipates, feeling cherished, emboldened, and completely spent.

Saturday, May 5th  

Who doesn’t like helping people?  Okay, it can be kind of a pain in the ass.  KEXP’s Audioasis is going to make it easy for everyone on Saturday by thrusting Brokaw, Blood Orange Paradise, and The Riffbrokers onto The Sunset’s stage to shake their moneymakers and save the World.  Brokaw alone is worth the cost of being charitable, as they can work that pole like no other band and have a habit of blowing nearly everything in the room – well, minds and speakers, at least.  Only tried and tested scene veterans like these are capable of bring in ‘da noise and bring in ‘da funk in such a face-melting fashion. 


In typical present-day Seattle fashion, there are too many great shows happening at once.  Portland’s White Orange will be erecting their stoney wall of sound at the Comet Tavern, following the one-two punch of Princess, and Wah Wah Exit Wound.  Lucky for White Orange, they are incredible, since the spiraling psychedelia of WWEW guitarist Dave Webb and spasmodic display of Princess frontman Andrew Chapman have a tendency to rush through the eyes and ears, sending the audience into a maelstrom of esctatically grinning confusion that would leave most bands impotent if they find themselves in the unfortunate position of following both sets.


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