Monday, May 7, 2012


WHAT'S NOT WEAK THIS WEEK – A local show round-up
by Jake Weller

Monday, May 7th

Since emigrating from Portlandia mere months ago, Key of Solomon have made an earnest effort to ingratiate themselves with the Seattle heavy scene by being out there, going to shows, and showing great support for local musicians and music lovers alike.  Their groove-proggy riff blasts will be opening this Metal Monday at the 2Bit in Ballard, also featuring the spacebar-averse Bloodhunger, Ninthgate, and Powerhitter.  Despite the melodious racket intermittently expanding the walls from within, Monday nights at the 2Bit are surprisingly laid back, unpretentious affairs.  They are the perfect way to kick off any cheery, beery, damage-your-heary week of rock.

Wednesday, May 9th

Due to the banishment of one of its members to the Great White North, psych captains Black Science will be playing their final show on Wednesday at The Funhouse.  The riffalicious Crawler and Blöödhag alumnus, The Grindylow, will serve as the primi and antipasti piatti to Black Science's dark and hallucinogenic ravioli al noise (not to be confused with a similar dish, the ravioli al noiose, which has been largely praised by the indie-rock diners in our fair city in recent years).  Come hungry.

Thursday, May 10th

Something must happen in mid-August that causes people to start making babies, because there are birthday shows abound this time of year.  Thursday's event is for Colin of Haunted Horses and Stickers+ at the Black Lodge, with Nucular Aminals from Portland, and a couple of Cali tourists, Teenage Sweater and All Your Sisters.  Stickers+ pound out the type of ageless garage rock that lurks in the shadows of  wave after wave of contemporary fad bands, but ends up gaining recognition as a mighty influence to the following generation and has the awkward result of deifying the don't-give-a-fucksters who were only doing what they felt in their hearts.  These kind of things are always good to check out as they are actually happening, lest you end up as one of those miserable souls who regret that they had all those chances to see Sonic Youth or Bikini Kill way back in the day, but now have no choice but to put up with the loud, shirtless, ignorant drunk kids who mob whichever fairgrounds are hosting whichever expensive festival is featuring their depressing reunion.

Friday, May 11th

Every time Ladies' Choice impresario Adam Noble Bass clears another fantastic pop-a-wheelie around the Sun, Seattle is given a generous gift in the form of an amazing rock show.  He always manages to bring an unexpected treat to his birthday party, and this year is no different.  Since going on hiatus more than a couple years ago, it seems like every show The Ruby Doe reforms to play will be their last (and should probably be treated as such).   Any band that can still shine after following the likes of local heavy rock legends, Black Elk, Akimbo, and Dog Shredder, is worth catching any time that they play.  Arrive early, as the entire bill for Friday's show at the Comet is one of the strongest of 2012 so far, and will absolutely sell out while Dog Shredder are filling the shorts of everyone within a two-block radius of 10th and Pike.  [NOTE: Adam is feeling extra generous this year and has scheduled the exact same line up to appear at the best damn venue in Bellingham, The Shakedown, the following night.  It will be worth the hike.]

Saturday, May 12th

This Blinding Light, Floorian, Scriptures, Kaleidosaur

The veteran lushmongers in This Blinding Light—headlining the Rat and Raven in the U-District this Saturday night with Floorian, Scriptures, and Kaleidosaur—deal in a gorgeous and menacing psych-rock that swirls and winds through the mind like a lemon juicer, setting the listener adrift on a cloudy ocean of churning gray matter.  If you are at all familiar with the pleasure and recalcitrant fear of a communal pillow fight that has gone spiraling out of control into a no holds barred, hardcore tickle match, then you will be prepared for what a bill like this will do to your pearly pink head goo.


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