Thursday, June 7, 2012


WHAT'S NOT WEAK THIS WEEK – A local show round-up
by Jake Weller

Thursday, June 7th

Jon Howell is getting a pretty steady dose of Seattle this week, having just supported Sleep in the fantastic Kowloon Walled City during their seriously-loud-as-fuck two-day stint this last weekend, only to return with his other Bay Area project, Tigon, to the Josephine a mere three days later. Mercy Ties and Blowupnihilist will be the spry and aggressive bookends for this evening’s high octane spazzfest. If this show were a drink, it would be a shot of Bacardi 151 and a hit of meth. That’s called an Oven Cleaner, by the way.

Friday, June 8th

The Highline will once again be decked out in beards and denim as Eugene’s most epic metal troupe, Yob, are returning to Seattle for the first time in about a year this Friday. Helms Alee are probably still recovering from what was surely an amazing semi-private farewell party for retired DIY venue, The Greenhouse, this last Saturday, and are giving all those who couldn’t fit in that tiny basement show another chance to taste their thick and fluffy riffcakes. Local doomsters Bell Witch will get the green smoke wafting down Broadway when they start off the night with their dirgelicious brand of slow jam. Your perfect alcoholic accompaniment for the evening is at least half of the brownie that one guy just handed you soaking in an Oly tallboy with the top of the can bitten off. That’s called a #2.

To win a pair of tickets to this show send an email to with your full name and "YOB" as the subject.

Saturday, June 9th

There is likely enough promotion on this site for this amazing lineup already, and if you are reading this, then you must realize what a no-brainer it is to come down and party with us for charity and for Nik’s official birthday show. Don’t forget to sidle up to the bar and order the drink special: a 120-ounce nipple-tipped baby bottle of Olde English 800. At last year’s event, Nik drank most of the alcohol that the bar had stocked by the beginning of the third band, so be sure to arrive early.

If you don’t feel like being charitable on Saturday, Studio Seven is hosting Church of Misery. Fresh off what was from all accounts an amazing set at the Maryland Deathfest, Tokyo’s Church of Misery are putting some heavy wear on their shiny new US tour boots all month. You don’t see too many bands like this from the land of the rising sun, and the brazen bluesy stoner chugs and throaty bellowing don’t conjure up the images that many have of Japan, but they picked up on something good somewhere and they mastered that shit. Of course, whether they are the frontrunners of an emerging heavy scene back East, or perhaps the result of a reaction to a frankly insane harajuku-fied cultural hegemony, they’ve been at it for well over a decade now and don’t show any signs of stopping. Hail! Hornet, The Gates of Slumber, Lb. (feat. fellow SRG pen-pusher, Ryan Schutte), and Broxa will be toasting the audience with rounds of Lageritas in coke-rimmed glasses during their sets beforehand.

Sunday, June 10th

Many Seattlites blinked and missed Kiss It Goodbye during their lifespan of less than two years way back in the late-‘90s. So, why the hell does anyone care about some flash-in-the-pan hardcore band from fifteen years ago, and who the hell gave them the headlining spot on a bill with the likes of Marrow, Cynarae, Don Peyote, and Thac0? Well, Lori LeFavor is the answer to the latter, and she is very wise to have brought them back together for this special occasion at the Highline. Featuring the founding members of Rorschach and Deadguy, they were basically legends of the hardcore scene as soon as they moved to Seattle and started KIG. And yet, after releasing just one amazing LP and touring around their country with Unsane, they hung up their spurs and saddle and left herds of little punk dogies without a lead to follow. If this show were a drink, it would be mixed with the tears of joy from the older, reformed hardcore kid reliving some halcyon sliver of youth next to you and then slapped out of your hand by the xcrazyx slam-dancing idiot who comes kick-punching by.

To win a pair of tickets to this show send an email to with your full name and "Kiss it Goodbye" as the subject.


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