Thursday, July 12, 2012

0 TICKET GIVEAWAY: Doomriders, Heiress, Baptists, Occult SS


You have to hand it to Heiress frontman and longtime Seattle hardcore monolith, John Pettibone: he knows how to bring the awesome across country. As frequent tour manager for Boston-based Converge, he has clearly made some strong connections. One of them is Converge's own Nate Newton, who occasionally trades in his bass for a thick drop-D six-string and a mic, and takes the reins of the raging warhorse that is Doomriders. Though they've only turned out two (quite stellar) LPs in the seven years since their formation and tour just as infrequently, they write such potent riffs that it has never seemed like they have lost relevance – which is pretty strange, considering they graduated Summa Cum Lemmy and possess a timeless, though updated, classic rock vibe.

If you have never woken up, grinning, with the dual-guitar attack from Black Thunder racing through your head, preparing you for a most totally excellent day to come, then you, my friend, have never truly enjoyed your life.

Their second album, Darkness Comes Alive, showed a great deal of growth in their songwriting and sonic development, shaking off some of the loveable, albeit silly charm of the first outing and cranking the gravity to 12:

With a third album reportedly in the works, it will be a special treat for the audience at the Highline Bar on Saturday to catch them working out some of their latest material and showing off their increasing maturity as collaborative partners.

Along with Heiress, Vancouver's galloping masters of '90s-style hardcore brutality, Baptists, and local up-an-crusters, Occult SS, will be the supporting acts, whittling chunks out of the stage and bursting the dam of Olympia lager that will inevitably flood the place, wetting many a beard and soaking through many a black t-shirt. Start flexing your horn-fingers.

To enter to win tickets for this show simply send an email to with "Doomriders" in the subject and be sure to include your full name in the body. A winner will be drawn at random and notified Friday afternoon. Good luck!

Sat. July 14th – The Highline  21 + Only Infinite Productions presents DOOMRIDERS , Heiress, Baptists and Occult SS. $12.00 adv. @, The Highline, Zion’s Gate, Singles Going Steady and Sonic Boom. Tickets are on sale NOW! Doors: 8:00 p.m. Show: 9:30 p.m. Curfew: 1:30 a.m.

by Jake Weller


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