Thursday, July 12, 2012

0 Blood / Sailing: Experimental Theater Meets Heavy Metal

Smooth Sailing, bless their hearts, have been raking in the Miss Congeniality awards for the last few years in this hapless burg of philistines and snobbish hessians. Their boundless talent and explosive dynamics have wooed many folk towards the colorful and cataclysmic catharsis they invoke throughout their set, and yet, there seems to be an unstated agreement amongst the heavier set that they are not suffering enough for their art.  It may be their youth; it may be their convivial enthusiasm of playing in front of a lively audience (it's a shame that this may still not be valued highly enough in this town).  Whatever the reason, this event should do well to rectify the situation and bring them the respect that they deserve, as it is likely the first time that music and theater have coalesced in quite the same way in Seattle for, well, for-fucking-ever.  Teaming up with theater troupe, Blood Ensemble, Smooth Sailing have slaved away for months to transform their underrated album XOXO into an intense live-action saga – sonically backed by the band – for a full series of shows, twice daily on weekends throughout the month of July at the intimate BOOM! Theater in South Lake Union. [JW]

Blood/Sailing will be perform Friday through Saturday from July 13th-July 28that boom! Theatre Space (729 Fairview Ave N in Seattle).  Shows are Friday and Saturday nights at 8pm and 10pm. Tickets are $10 and available through Brown Paper Tickets.  For more information, please contact Emily Harvey at (425) 445-7363 or

Official Press Release:


“Blood/Sailing” performs July 13th-28th at boom! theatre space

Seattle, WA – Experimental theatre company Blood Ensemble and heavy metal band Smooth Sailing announce “Blood/Sailing,” a show that combines experimental theatre and live heavy metal music and performs July 13-28th at the boom! theatre space.  Shows are Friday and Saturday nights at 8pm and 10pm. Blood Ensemble and Smooth Sailing intensely collaborated to create this show that that combines two art forms in a new way. It will draw audiences from both Seattle’s music and theatre scene.

“Blood/Sailing” is a story of despair, violence and redemption. Mr. Clementine, an eerie skeleton man, runs a sweatshop buried deep in a volcano. The children that work there have never seen the sun and never learned how to play. Using songs from Smooth Sailing’s debut album xoxo as well as brand new music written for the show, the show is full of stunning visuals and face melting music.

 “This is like nothing else I’ve ever worked on,” says actor Samantha Cooper, “For audiences, I think it’ll be like nothing else they’ve ever experienced.”  
“In this process we favor the potential of expression rather than the power of the linear narrative,” says actor Gabrielle Schutz, “We are creating as professionals, but also as children.”

Blood Ensemble focuses on self-generated, site-specific theatre and exists to expand the boundaries of theatre as an artistic medium. For more info on Blood Ensemble, please visit

Adria LaMorticella
Andi  Norris
Brittni Thoreson
Carrie Cates
Christina Berger
Gabrielle Schutz
Jordan Melin
Karen Kunkel
Megan Jackson
Patty Oiye
Ricky Coates
Samantha Cooper
Zach Hewell


Ryan Adams
Brandon Elizaga
Christopher Elizaga
Tyler Romo
Jake Vice

Directed by Dayo Anderson
Associate Director: Emily Harvey
Lighting Design: Timmy Keener


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