Thursday, July 26, 2012

0 WATCH OR DIE! #23: Sons of Huns - "Leaving Your Body"

"Leaving Your Body" roped me in with its opening: a body being dragged through the woods by members of  an evil cult. Basically, seems like dude in the bag has been roofied by some serious folks. The scene conjures images of the beginning of the under appreciated Warren Oates and Peter Fonda flick: Race with the Devil. Anyone familiar with the scenario comprehends shit's about to go down.

Director Matthew Ross does a nice job balancing Sons of Huns footage with the story line, which builds to the intense, punch in the stomach/hurt so good conclusion the song "Leaving Your Body" administers. After the story draws to an abrupt halt, it leaves one thinking, "Is this the beginning or end of the nightmare?"

Excellent work by all parties involved. Looking forward to the new 7" from Portland's Sons of Huns coming soon from Power Blaster records, the label responsible for two of my favorite 7" releases by Rabbits and Lord Dying. WATCH OR DIE!

By Jerry Howard


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