Saturday, July 28, 2012

0 SHOW PREVIEW: Serial Hawk, Diesto, Bitches Crystal, Vultures 2012

There's no shortage of great musicians in Seattle but if I had to name one of the city's unsung heroes it would be Doug Lorig. In the mid-90s he fronted and played guitar in Roadside Monument, a post-punk band with some truly brilliant moments who seemed just on the verge of breaking bigger but fell apart after 4 full lengths. In the early 00s he fronted and played guitar for the band Raft of Dead Monkeys whose 2001 full length debut, "Thoroughlev", was one of my favorite records that year. Raft of Dead Monkeys were a decadent and sexy band that seemed bent on excess and burning old bridges but, like his previous band, fell apart before it properly incinerated everything it needed to. A few years later Doug debuted his new band Patrol whose 2009 sophomore record, "Zirconium", was my favorite release of the year. Patrol was often times a dark and brooding outfit that struck me as a maturation of all his other projects but, like his other bands, Patrol ended just as they were hitting their crescendo it seemed.

These days Doug is playing guitar in Bitches Crystal, a band who is still shaping up but has already recorded a couple really strong tracks as a 3-piece. Like the last couple bands that Doug began, Bitches Crystal is a hard rock band borrowing healthy doses of grunge and metal from the last couple decades but layering it with just enough groove to bliss yourself out to. 

This Saturday Bitches Crystal will be on stage at the Highline with Serial Hawk, who released new EP "Buried in the Gray" a month ago, Vultures 2012, and Portland's Diesto. The show is 21+, $7 and starts at 9pm!

edBy Roy Culve


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