Thursday, July 12, 2012


WHAT'S NOT WEAK THIS WEEK – A local show round-up
by Jake Weller

 Thursday, July 12th

Warning: Danger!s frontman and stalwart Seattle punk-scene mainstay, Mark Ostler, has often proclaimed New Orleans-based, M.O.T.O (Masters Of The Obvious), to be one of his greatest influences.  With a career spanning over 30 years, it is no surprise that Paul Caporino's acclaimed traveling garage has had a lasting impact on a generation of those out of step with the World.  There is no doubt that Mark is ecstatic to have his goofily aggressive band of safety-oriented fuckalls open for the latest incarnation of the group.  The Botherations will be leading off this early show (starts at 6pm!), and doing their best to be the W in the riotous WTF?! that the evening is destined to become.

This is becoming less and less of a surprise these days, but Portland's heavy scene is so thick with talent that it can send three bands up to our city of friendly competition to take over the Croc on a Thursday.  The brooding doom duo, Taurus, are perhaps the most exciting act on the bill this evening.   Their ability to exhibit an overriding aesthetic of beauty and grace, typically absent in a genre all-too-often focused simply on darkness and anguish, is a tantalizing, almost jarring sign of genuine passion and talent behind the slow, crushing atmospheric doom trope they faithfully adhere to with aplomb.  Opening before them is the spacey, instrumental post-rock trio, Eight Bells.  Don't be put off by such a lazy description of their sound – these dynamic, delay-and-fuzz proprietors are alumni of the defunct San Francisco psych collective, SubArachnoid Space, and their experience and cast-iron sensibilities show through from the first plucked note.  Agalloch will be closing out the night with, you know, what they do.

Friday, July 13th

Chop Suey probably has no idea what is about to burst through their doors on Friday night.  For many years, the favorite pastime of the drunk and raging throng that religiously follow classic Seattle punk soldiers, The Spits, was to see how much of the stage they could blow up with fireworks.  Given that this is a mere nine days after the Reservations closed their booths to those unafraid of losing their hearing, the Cap Hill venue is taking quite a chance booking them.  Of course, it will do very well for the venue – there will be an amazing turnout for this show, and it will run up an amazing bar tab – but if dickish security rules are newly instituted following the show, it would not be a surprise.  Openers Monogamy Party will likely be throwing out all stops, lungs, guts, and clothes to set the mood, and Mean Jeans will have their work cut out for them to keep the crowd nice and unruly.

Saturday, July 14th


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