Thursday, August 2, 2012

1 WATCH OR DIE! #24 - Into the Storm - "K'nuckles"

The thunderous opening of Into the Storm's video for "K'nuckles" makes one thing clear:

Beardos do not mess around.

A little thief trying to steal Beardo's beloved red jewel will soon learn this lesson the hard way. Beardo doesn't lean on the 2nd Amendment, or incorporate rope darts, axes, knives, or spears - he leaves those weapons to the amateurs.

Beardo unleashes the BEARD!

But Beardo just does not wish to just take out the little thief; no, he flexes his muscle and sends a sign the masses:

Mess with my shit; receive a blistering.

However, Beardo's overconfidence in his beard leads to his downfall.  He did not account for Robospider who possesses a nasty streak, especially, when awaken from sleep. Robospider is like your old man on a week night.

Pissed, Robospider administers a "close" shaving of Beardo and sends that fool packing back to "Young Neocon' school.

Game over.

Into the Storm again displays the band has a cool, unique vision to go along with their music. The filmmakers have done a fantastic job designing the set and creating this strange universe.  Awesome job to everyone involved. I look forward to the next video.

Into the Storm plays the Skylark in West Seattle on Thursday, August 2nd with Dead River and Lb! Pound. Should be a LOUD show! Show starts a 9pm.  C'mon out to the West Side!

by Jerry Howard



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