Wednesday, October 3, 2012

0 Watch or Die #26: Deadkill - "Oh God Help You" Selected to Pollygrind Film Festival

Awesome news from the Pollygrind Film Festival in Las Vegas this week. The first Good to Die Productions dittie, "Oh God Help You!" by Deadkill was accepted to participate in the music video competition.

We shot the video last April at an old Masonic retirement home in Des Moines, WA. The live footage was from a house party in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Seattle. Taping the live show proved to be the most challenging and exhilarating shoot I have ever participated in. The sweat soaked basement hooligans swarmed the band and our D.P., Wes Johnson, placed himself in the midst and managed to pull off some fantastic footage despite having to clean beer from the lens every minute or two. Some of the rowdies kept pulling down our light, so Nik and I had to battle just to keep that sucker afloat. Without it - PITCH BLACK. When one member of the crowd decided to launch his firecracker/bottle rocket hat, the party was on. Just to be cautious, I looked for an emergency exit. Needless to say, none existed. One exit, shit ton of homies. Straight up basement death trap.

No one cared. They were too distracted by the power of Deadkill.

Oh, and beer. Tons of beer. Beer flying through the air. Beer down my gullet. Beer down my back. Beer in my face. Beer on the camera. Beer on the band. TONS OF BEER!

If you have not witnessed the ferocity of Deadkill yet, you need to. Buy their 7" debut at the Good to Die Records website. Not only are all the tracks a refreshing smack upside the head, the packaging is quite nice - thick ass white vinyl. Seriously, hold it next to your other 7" records and there will be jaw dropping.

Don't sleep on Deadkill. They rule. If they bring their rowdy friends - feel lucky. Those homies know how to turn a party out. Case in point: the last Deadkill show at The Comet. The place erupted when Deadkill graced the stage and everyone left with smiles and beer. Yes, all attendees took home at least of sixer of beer - legally.

And you will too if you head on down to the Sunset Tavern this Saturday, October 6th, and see Deadkill destroy the Reverb Festival along with label mates Monogamy Party and Brokaw. While all three band's Good to Die debuts shred, their talents shine playing live. Each will deliver an intense set that will rattle your fillings.

Want a taste? Check out the vid. If you have seen the vid, watch it again and spread the word. Major props to Deadkill, director Joe Jacobs and the GTD production crew. Jacobs and crew have done a nice job at balancing slick production along with die hard guerrilla tactics. The result: a balanced, entertaining video complete with solid performances by Weirdo and Kara O'Conner. Finally, a special shout to POLLYGRIND for supporting underground, truly independent cinema.

By Jerry Howard


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