Monday, December 31, 2012

0 Benjamin Thomas-Kennedy's (Lesbian) Top Albums and Shows of 2012

There are a lot of records that came out this year that I am dying to hear but haven't had a chance. My toddler daughter is really into Alice and Chains and Funkadelic so we've mostly been spinning that around the house.

Here is the best of what I was able to check out: 

Electric Wizard - Legalise Drugs & Murder: I have listened to these two songs like a zillion times this year. This is exactly what I want to hear all the time.

La Luz - Damp Face EP: This is super good music for going to the beach in the wintertime.

Spacebag - Magnetic Struggle: This is what dexterity sounds like.

OM - Advaitic Songs: I was introduced to this album while driving through the Swiss Alps. I highly recommend the experience.

(blouse)usa – Tammy’s Beans: This is my album. Sorry to do that but I really dig it.

As for shows, I played a lot more than I saw this year (my daughter controls my bedtime as well as my playlist). Here are a few I did see that really stand out…

Golgothan Sunrise - Comet Tavern - April
I love seeing this band anytime. They came back from the dead this year and they are as fantastic as ever!

Spacebag - Chop Suey – November

I think Spacebag is the best live band in Seattle right now. Plus, Bitches Crystal played too! 

Faust - Comet Tavern - October
Faust came to town this year and I lent them some of my drums. So surreal. They are the real deal.
Vulva Throne – Club Gromka –September
When Lesbian was in Slovenia this year, the local band that opened for us were the best thing I saw all year long. They were a “porno-grind” band called Vulva Throne that had lots of 30-second songs and a tendency to take off their guitars (and shirts) mid-song to do-si-do and skip around the stage like schoolgirls. It was so excellent and so much fun. I think they made a lot of jokes about us, but we couldn’t understand a word of it.

In 2013 we get the much anticipated new album from Lesbian titled "Forestelevision". Nuff said.


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