Monday, December 31, 2012

0 Demian Johnston's (Great Falls) Top 5 of 2012

Top five for Demian (as he remembers it at this moment):

1. Panopticon "Kentucky" LP (Handmade Birds) 
This is the best record of the year. Hands down. Better than whatever crap is on anyone else's list. Bluegrass plus Black Metal somehow equals amazing. I know that sounds horrible but it is just perfect. I doubt this can ever be replicated and work as well but this record offers bluegrass standards, blazing, emotional proggy black metal and occasionally an odd mixture of the two. You will also get a not so subtle education on coal mining in Kentucky and the influence of the Unions. It's fucking strange but it is incredible.

2. Deathspell Omega 7xlp boxset (Norma Evangelium Diaboli)
This is the absolutely best releases from the best thing France has ever done (next to the food and the women) on 7 picture disks. My favorite progressive black metal band and a band I listen to every day at least once. Nothing from their catalog is bad and they somehow have figured out how to make trumpets horrifying. It's fucking good.

3. Codeine "When I See the Sun" boxset (numero)
The first thing I ever bought on cd in 1990 was Codeine's frigid stars LP. I basically wanted something on SubPop and I knew my Mom wouldn't go for Sepultura's Arise. It blew me away. Codeine that is. Slow, sad and bleak. Just like my gray latchkey life. This boxset was the perfect accompaniment to getting to see Codeine live twice in 2012. The other best thing...

4. Sunn0))) live at the Neptune theatre 12/16/2012
It certainly wasn't the best Sunn set I had ever seen. There seemed to be some odd tension and things felt a little off at first, but it was the loudest set I have ever experienced. I really feel like both my hearing and the Neptune Theatre itself suffering irreparable damage. This may have been the last time I will ever see Sunn and it was very memorable.

5. Terminal Fuzz Terror live, anytime...
This is my new favorite band in Seattle. Totally insane psychedelic rock that is constantly falling apart but never fully exploding. It is somehow held together by space magic and it sounds like it. I love them. You should too...

Great Falls is set to release their new album in 2013 called "Accidents Grotesque". I received an advance and lets just say its going to blown some heads! Their next show is February 15th at the Highline w/ Norska and Great Falls.


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